June 17, 2005

Notas Politicas

North County Times is asking for an Investigation, by U.S. Attorney Carol Lam and the House Ethics Committee, of their Congressman Randy Cunningham, (R), of the 50th Congressional District! Seems that the “Duke” has been playing fast and easy with the Taxpayers money. The “Duke” has been exposed as receiving an illegal gift of $700,000, in 2003, from a Defense Contractor, Mitchell Wade. Not so mysteriously, his firm MZM Inc., who contracts with the Department of Defense, in 2003 won a $41 million in defense contracts. In 2004 saw his business improve, with the Defense Department, by $66 million. Coincidently Congressman Cunningham sits on the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee! How many other Defense Contractors have enjoyed the “Duke’s” patronage? How many Marines, Soldiers, and Sailors have been killed by having to wear body vests that couldn’t stop bullets? Or how many of our Servicemen have been killed while our elected officials have lined their pockets with their ill-gotten money???

The Michael Jackson Trial is not really about politics. But, in a sense, the trial was all about politics. Politics is a zero sum game and so are most trails in a Court of Law. For far too long, there has been only one outcome if you’re Black, Mexican American, and since Iraq, Middle-Eastern Iranian, Iraqi, or Palestinian. The outcome, in most courts of law, will end in a guilty conviction, if you’re one of the oppressed minorities of the world. Thus the joy in most Black communities, when Michael Jackson was found “not guilty”, by a predominant White Jury, in the State of California gave reason to have hope for the future... Regardless of how one may feel, about his guilt or innocence, 12 White Jurors proved that it is possible to go beyond the Race or Color of a person and make judgments based on the evidence presented. There is hope for Justice in America!

The MAPISTAS, (Mexican American Political Association), has issued a call for all members, supporters, and Guests, to attend a Constitutional Convention that will take -place on Saturday, July 16, at the International Agri-Center, 4450 South Laspina St., Tulare, Calif. Registration will commence at 8:00 a.m.-9:50 a.m. and the Convention will begin at 10:00 a.m. end at 6:00 p.m. The Convention will be hosted by MAPA Chapter of the Central Valley Region. Further information on the Program, Speakers, will be published as received. For further information call 323-269-1575 or E mail nativolopez@mapa-ca.org.

From the folks at LULAC, Santa Ana, Ca. - Please call Senator Feinstein at 202-224-3841 help us speak out against the expansion of the Patriot Act! This act imposes restrictions on our freedoms that are contrary to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Patriot Act imposes totalitarian restrictions upon our Rights that are similar to those imposed during the Hitler era in Nazi Germany! Can’t agree more with the members of LULAC! So get on your phones and call Senator Feinstein at 202-224-3841….and for good measure Fax, call, or E mail the entire San Diego Representation in the Senate and Assembly let them know where “Nuestra Gente” stands on this issue!

Steve Westly (D) will announce his candidacy for Governor of California on June 18 in Arcadia the City where he was born... Comptroller Westly will let you know why he is challenging Governor Schwarzenegger. Candidate Westly was born in Arcadia and was raised in the San Francisco Bay area. He served in the San Jose Office of Economic Development. He was selected the California Party Treasurer at the tender age of 23! Later, he served as Vice Chair and served as a Democratic National Committee member for 20 years. Candidate Westly help build and develop EBay as a way to link buyers and sellers. EBay revolutionized the Internet.

Since January, El Presidente de Mexico, Vicente Fox has met with dignitaries from all over the world. From the Vice President of China to the Governor of Wisconsin. He has met with more than a dozen nations to discuss topics such as immigration to trade. California exports to Mexico topped $17 billion last year! Who has been missing Los Pinos??? The Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger the largest trading partner of Mexico: California! Schwarzenegger! Evidently, our Governor must feel that El Presidente Fox of Mexico is not important enough! His snubbing of President Fox is not sitting well with Mexican Americans. He already has forgotten that 30 percent of the Mexican American /Latino voted for him in the recall election! By April of this year the approval rate has dropped to 25 percent and is dropping daily! It may be “Hasta La Vista,” for the Governor, at the next election!

Memo to our Compadres in Spain: Remember Spain was ruled for 800 years by the Arabic Caliphs. Their blood flows in the veins of their Spanish descendents. We, who are the result of the Spanish Conquest of the Americas, also have the Arabic blood flowing through our veins. May we suggest, to the King of Spain, that he just might have the power to stop the so call “martyrs for Islam” and influence the actions of the international jihad?

Saturday June 18 @ 1:00 pm press conference @ Chicano Park (Barrio Logan), to announce GENTE UNIDA, a border coalition for human rights, will announce its formation of multicultural and broad based regional coalition and its plans for this Summer to promote human rights and denounce racism, vigilantism and the millitarization of the border. GENTE UNIDA will announce a massive community rally and march to be held in San Ysidro Saturday morning, July 2. For more information call (619) 274-0894 Jazmin Morelos.

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