June 16, 2000


Tezzy is amazed at our "great American GREED"... Now it seems "La Mafia" is being blamed for the insatiable greed of the American public who squander their rent checks, social security checks, grocery money, pension funds on playing the no-win Russian roulette high-tech stock game on the internet... Que locura! Now los `big boys' at the stock market, who also got a little greedy, are saying it was the "mafiosos" that manipulated the market! I have a <pendejo dot Com> message for you "A fool (pendejo) and his money is soon parted"

(more greed) Our Brown Brothers lost mucho wampum with their scheme to get around the Feds and state law on gambling by placing their machines on a cruise ship to Rosarito! A little Red-greed cost them their machines and investment when the big `canoe' took off for Canada, machines and all. Now the big `barco' is on the high seas to be sold at a nice price in Asia... Kimo-sabe is left holding a bag of beads instead of wampum.


ALERTA CHICANOS! Watche what los politicos are trying to do now to deprive Raza of their electoral power. La movida is on to destroy TERM LIMITS, the law that keeps the same politicos from monopolizing and keeping control of the government. TERM LIMITS opened `la puerta,' the door, for Latinos to get elected to office! Soon, gente, we will be the majority Raza in the state and that is the fear that is moving the effort to set aside Term Limits! The ever shrinking Anglo power brokers will not be able to keep control of the political and economic power unless they can retain control of the state!


Qué pena, (Assemblywoman) Denise Ducheny's father just passed away. Tezzy had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jack Fitzpatrick a few years ago. That's how I knew that Denise was a Mestiza (half Mexican and half Irish). El Señor Fitzpatrick was 87 when he died of el corazón.


Chisme del Barrio: Why are los artistas so punked out over "El Centro Cultural"? Un "Pajarito" whispered in el Jefitos' ear that some Chicano artists have been stewing over the fact that a MOVIDA placed a "Pajarito" in control and he begin excluding Chicanos from the Centro... Now they put a "Marimacho" in control. And it is claimed the control of el Centro is being solidified by Pajaritos and Marimachos! Qué lástima... so much infighting... Meanwhile the creative juices are not flowing as well.


PREGUNTA from an interested reader: Wasn't "racial profiling" an issue 25-30 years ago? Only at that time la Placa had been doing it and the Chicano movement stopped them. Now the Blacks are trying to get la Raza to demand that Raza/Black profiling be reinstituted as a means to determine who the COPS are stopping. Come on BRO's, don't you know? Making La Chota start keeping records on race again will work against you. Talk to Herman about it ... He will tell you how official statistics can be manipulated to blackball you for life... Even if the stop was only for jay walking.


Meanwhile our Democratic Governor who loves the 3-strike law is spending his weekends playing golf with the Prison Goons and taking their money. How many Vatos does he play golf with to get a different view from our Brown eyes? Perhaps if he did he would learn a little more about justice, equality, & respect.


Hello Poppi have a nice Día de Los Padres. We know Mothers' Day is important but so is Fathers' Day. Without you no se hace la Pareja!


Feliz Día de Los Padres

A todos los Padres del Mundo!

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