June 16, 2000

"Resurrection Blvd." a series with Latino Cast and Filmmakers

Stepping in where network television dare not go, Showtime Networks will be showcasing a Latino story, cast, and filmmakers when the series "Resurrection Blvd." premieres Monday, June 26 at 10 p.m.

"Resurrection Blvd." is about the Santiagos, a proud family whose hopes and dreams are rooted in the world of professional boxing. They live in a modest single family home on Resurrection Blvd., in contemporary East Los Angeles.

As the story begins, Carlos is about to fight for the middleweight title, a ranking that could dramatically change the fortunes of his family. Boxing however, is not the only challenge that faces the Santiagos, Other serious problems surface that could disrupt this tightly-knit family.

Roberto, played by Tony Plana, is the patriarch of the family who works in an auto repair shop run by Hector (Cheech Marin) while he trains his middle son, Carlos (Michael DeLorenzo).

Roberto is aided by his oldest son, Miguel (Mauricio Men-doza), a former boxer, while local promoter, Paulie (Paul Rodriguez) organizes the fights. Alex (Nicholas Gonzalez), the younger son, is a pre-med student at UCLA; sister Yolanda (Ruth Livier) works in a law firm in Beverly Hills. The youngest of the Santiagos, Victoria (Marisol Nichols), is a high school student who hangs out with the wrong crowd.

Roberto's brother, Ruben (Caniel Zacapa), is a brain-addled ex-boxer who doesn't speak. Roberto's sister-in-law, the enthusiastic Bibi (Elizabeth Peña, has kept the Santiago household in order since the death of Roberto's wife, Therese.

Carmen De La Cruz, played by Alexandra Baretto rounds out the cast, vies for the attention of Carlos, who tries not to be distracted.

"Ressurrection Blvd." was inspired by my own family experiences growing up in Tucson Arizona. It's about real life and real people," remarks series creator and executive producer Dennis E. Leoni. "And setting the show in the world of boxing gives us a darker, edgier fell than your usual family drama, Latino or otherwise."

The two-hour premiere is directed by Jesús Salvador Treviño.

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