June 16, 2000

Border Poetry

If you tired of your SandiEgo audience (or if you are otherness-curious) come down to the border this Saturday June 17, to Friendship Park (where the border ends and the beach starts) from 2:30 pm until the park closes.

There is going to be an open bilingual reading of poetry at each side of the border using the end of the fence as an opportunity to be face to face. If you want to come to the Mexican Side (in front of the Plaza Monumental, Playas de Tijuana) that would be fine too.

The poetry communities of Tijuana and San Diego almost never come into contact.

By poetry we mean music, performance, whateverything.

We welcome all kinds of readings or participation, all kinds of poetry, traditional, experimental, Chicano, English, Spanish, Spanglish or any other kind of landwish language sandwich.

The meeting place is the border, but we would like to be primarily a poetry encounter (you don't have to read or perform something about the border), poetry is the main theme. Feel free to be political, corny, this is a completely open spontaneous event.

You don't have to read your own poetry, if somebody wants to read poetry of somebody else, that's perfect.

This is nor organized by anybody in particular, but disorganized by a little bunch of people on both sides of the border. For more information call: Noé Carrillo (66) 85 0501, Elías Ramírez (66) 24 0450, Brandom Cesmat 760-749 8848, Enrique Estrada 619-760 8848.

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