June 16, 2000

Manny Aguilar PACBELL VP Keynotes LULAC Scholarship Awards Luncheon

By Dan Muñoz

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Council 2842 has announced their 15th Annual Scholarship Awards Luncheon will be held Saturday June 24, 2000 at the Handlery Hotel, Mission Valley 950 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, California.

The festivities will get underway at Twelve Noon when this year's Mistress of Ceremonies, Ms. Sally Lowery, invites all 45 Scholarship recipients, their families & friends, along with the program presenters, speakers, and guests of honor, to the luncheon feast that will await them.

Manny Aguilar, Director of External Affairs, Pacific Bell, will be the keynote speaker at the LULAC awards luncheon.

This year LULAC's guests will be pleased to have Mr. Manny Aguilar as their Guest Speaker. Manny will be immediately recognized by the students as `one of them'! He is an outstanding role model of one that never has forgotten his people. Even though he is the Director of External Affairs for the San Diego County, for the Pacific Bell Corporation, one of the highest ranking Latino employees, at PacBell, he never has forgotten or ignored his roots. "Es Mexicano con todo su corazon".

Pacific Bell has employed Manny Aguilar for over 19 years. He did not start at the top but began his career in 1980 as a Plant Service Clerk. It didn''t take long for Manny to realize that he needed a better education than he had if he expected to get anywhere in life. He did what he hopes many of the students here today will do... he went to college and earned his Bachelors Degree (1986). Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to position of Manager in the Operations Department! He quickly rose through the ranks.

Throughout his career, Manny kept one eye out for his community. He became deeply involved in the struggle in local grass roots organizations and fought against the worse evil that plagues our communities... drugs. He and the community groups he worked with, worked with city government and law enforcement groups to eradicate that twin headed evil in our barrios.

In 1989 Mr. Aguilar transferred to the Ethnic Markets Group where he took the position of Managing Supervisor the Hispanic Center. At this point in his career, it became apparent that he had to return to college and go for his Masters Degree. He entered graduate studies at the University of Redlands where he earned his Masters Degree in Business Administration in 1996.

On June 16, 1997 Manny was promoted to his current position as Director/External Affairs San Diego County. In his assignment, Mr. Aguilar included among his area of responsibilities the Hispanic, Asian, World Trade, and the Small/Minority Business Communities.

Beatrice Estrada, President San Diego Chapter of LULAC

Beatrice Estrada, President of LULAC Council 2842 informed La Prensa San Diego that the following students have been selected to receive the awards after being recommended by their school site Counselors and following interviews by the LULAC screening committee:


Martha Muñoz
Steven Jimenez
Christopher Diaz
Dianne Hammer
Mariela Rodriquez
Marco Salazar
Alexandra Bennett
Anna Guerrero
Clarissa Silva
Leanne Dunn
Tomas Lizarraga Jr.
Madeline Velazquez
Irwin Ramos
John Otis:
Efrain Garcia
Loraine Mendiola
Lillian J. Rice:
Francisco Sandoval
Leticia Hernandez
Robert Strickland
Natalie Campos
Ianthe Villaruel
Howard Pence:
Darrell Bush III
Ana Beaver
Yesenia Pimental
Tanya Origel
Vanessa Bernal
Brenda Maldonado
Omar Portillo
Elsa Mata


Eagle Achievement Adult Scholarship

Montgomery Adult School: Maricela Lou


Community Health Group Continuing Scholarship

Gail L. Fernandez-U.C.Berkley
George J. Quillopo-SDSU


Technológico de Baja California

Carlos Ernesto Payan


High School & Middle Schools

Bonita Vista High: Aracela Lopez

Castle Park High: Caesar S. Rangel

Chula Vista: John Espinoza

Eastlake High: Denise Silva

Hilltop High: Karla Sanchez

Mar Vista High: Slene Preciado and Vanessa Araujo

Montgomery High: Evelyn Lopez

Southwest High: Angelo Quillopo

Sweetwater High: Carolina Venegas

Mar Vista Middle: Jorge R. Altamirano, Eric Cornwall and Diana Lopez

Presenting the awards:

Stacey Baca (KNSD 7/39), Jim Dierker (Coast Distributing), Hector Molina (KBNT-TV- 19), Manny Aguilar (Pacific Bell), Tom Rodriquez (Mens' Wear House), Carlos Mendez (Home Depot), Dave Holqin (Home Depot), Sylvia Lynn (Target Stores), Gabriela Johnston (XLTN), Dr. Charles Steinberg (PADRES), Carlos Cesena (CHG), Phyllis Muñoz (Asst. Principal, Nicoloff Elementary).

Luncheon tickets are $20.00 and may be reserved by calling 423-5014 or by mailing your reservation by mail to: LULAC, PO Box 84872, San Diego, Ca. 92138.

Tickets will also be available at the Hotel.

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