June 16, 2000

Hispanic Heritage Awards Foundation Announces CompUSA is New Sponsor

Washington, D.C. —The Hispanic Heritage Awards Foundation announced that CompUSA is a sponsor of the Foundation's prestigious Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards program. CompUSA has donated 60 state-of-the-art computers, one to each of the winners of the awards this year.

"In this new century, keeping up with technology is paramount for America's youth," state Raul R. Tapia, Chairman of the Hispanic Heritage Awards Foundation. "CompUSA has stepped forward to ensure each of the 60 winners of our Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards has his or her own personal computer — a key took in shaping successful careers and sharing their heritage with others."

The computers are awarded to the Hispanic Heritage Youth Award Regional Winners. Hispanic high school students (9th through 12th grade) living in the following ten metropolitan areas —Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, and San Diego —submitted applications. Sixty Regional Winners were selected, six in each of the ten cities and representing the following areas of accomplishment: Leadership, Sports, Arts, Literature/Journalism, Academic Excellence, and Science and Technology. In June six Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards 2000 National Winners will be chosen from the pool of Regional Winners. These National Winners will be honored on September 7 during the Hispanic Heritage Awards Ceremony and Gala. The Awards Gala will be aired on NBC Television on September 9.

"CompUSA recognizes the dedication to Hispanic excellence and community service these students have demonstrated," said Hal Compton, President and CEO. "Their success in achieving this honor will serve them in many areas of life, and we are delighted to enhance their efforts by giving each one of them their own personal CompUSA PC computer."

CompUSA's generous participation is part of an expansion of the Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards program this year. The Hispanic Heritage Awards Foundation has increased the value of its prizes to nearly $400,000 this year and expanded the program into two new U.S. cities — Dallas and San Diego. As a result, a total of 60 high school students of Hispanic parentage will receive awards this year, up from only five student winners when the program started only three years ago.

The Hispanic Heritage Youth Award recipients were selected by local community leaders in each of the ten cities. They were selected for their accomplishments in their chosen discipline, potential for leadership, as well as for their commitment to community service. Winners must demonstrate strength and quality of character and show that their Hispanic heritage plays a significant role in their lives. The Hispanic Heritage Awards Foundation was established fourteen years ago to promote Hispanic excellence, provide a greater understanding of the contributions of Hispanic Americans to the U.S., and to recognize and reward role models who inspire our youth.

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