June 16, 2000

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Colombian's Losing Their Homes, Jobs!

I just returned from Cali, Columbia June 12. Many of the middle class are losing their jobs. Many want to leave the country because of safety issues and their children. I was shocked to hear the stories of blackmail and intimidation by the guerrillas and the lack of protection by the police and government.

Do you know if a high school student who wants to study here in the states and I am willing to have him in my home, if he would be allowed to come and study? If so, how do I go about getting this young man into school here?

Alice Riedy
Escondido, Ca.

(Talk to the INS in San Diego)

Logan Heights Historical Society Formed

Local Logan Heights aficionados, Salvador Torres, Bobby Becerra, Richard Romio, Henry Diaz, Augie Bareno, among others, have set up a vehicle to maintain the historical integrity of Logan Heights.

To that end, the Logan Heights Historical Society has been formed. The purpose of preserving the Logan Heights experience in all forms from photos to oral history and other documents.

We are making a request to all San Diegans, who may have lived in the Logan Heights area from the 1920s to the present, to share your memories for what will be ultimately a publication that will chronicle the "Logan Experience." If you have photos, posters, news articles, or any other documents, we would like to talk to you. We may be contacted at pgr 418-2264, (Salvador Torres), (619) 421-5053 or 498-3949.(Augie Bareno, or <Abareno@Pac Bell net.com>

Salvador Torres & Augie Bareno
San Diego

What Are Parents Rights?

AB 1785 and AB 1931 approves funding for homosexual /related field trips and requires K-12 classroom instruction in tolerance. Where are the parents rights?

The government got upset when the Ten Commandments got posted in a public place. And yet, the government tells me it is OK for the schools to teach my kids sex outside of marriage and HOMOSEXUALITY is the norm to my children! I don't think this is at all right. This kind of legislation was voted down last year, why is it back?

Ron Shadrick
El Cajon, Ca.

(Good question. Better yet, get government out of our schools!)

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