June 14 2002

Maquiladora Tour 2002

“Your passport to Mexican Business” is the theme for this year’s “Maquiladora Tour 2002” on June 27th. More than $11 billion dollars a year of materials and components are exported into the Baja-California Maquiladora Industry. 60% of this market is from non-NAFTA countries which recently faced increased duties on non-NAFTA materials and components. California businesses now have the competitive advantage with a tremendous opportunity for them to prosper.

The California-Mexico Trade Assistance Centers (CMTAC) are hosting this fantastic business connection and information packed event that will take participants across the border to visit the manufacturing and assembly line industries of Mexico. Participants will get a first-hand look at one of Tijuana’s industrial parks and Maquiladora plant facilities. They will also be able to tour inside some of the facilities to see what it is like to have products manufactured or assembled in Mexico.

While feasting on traditional Mexican cuisine participants will learn on how they can benefit from California’s number one trading partner. Guest speakers will discuss topics on Customs and updated NAFTA regulations; Technology and Industry Innovation for the State of Baja California and manufacturing options for companies seeking to improve their worldwide competitive position.

While returning to the U.S. Border, participants will get a birds eye view of one of Tijuana’s first and largest Industrial Parks, “Parque Industrial Mesa de Otay.” They will then arrive at the 13th annual Mexport Trade Show and visit this once-a-year trade show that offers companies networking opportunities, and a medium to develop business opportunities for regional companies seeking to supply the growing maquiladora industry.

For additional information call Rebecca A. Torra at 619-421-6700 X5850.

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