June 14 2002

Tezozomoc Speaks

Aqui estamos ....Summer is barely here and surprise, surprise, the Guv, Gray Davis (D) is having to spend some of his pesos to try and cut Bill Simon (R) down! Seems the Guv is losing points in the polls. They are within two points of each other, but the Guv is losing points with the Mexican American community. Mr. Simon hasn’t really said much to endear him to the large Latino vote. But, neither has Gov. Davis. The picture of Davis being a friend of the working class is kind of hard too see, what with him being awash in corporate money and selling out the State house to the highest bidders.

Local Democrats (San Diego County) are as scarce in the barrios as chinches! Bob Filner (D) who MALDEF sued for jerrymanding his district so no Mexican American could challenge him in the elections now has an odor to him that La Raza is finding offensive! Filner (D) becoming as unwelcome as Sharon is in Palestine.

Meanwhile back at Terrorism Central, President Bush’s (R) cronies authorized selling anti-air missiles to Kuwaiti for mucho OIL DOLLARS.These are Jim dandy weapons to use to shoot down our fighter planes flying over Afghanistan hunting down terrorists!

Pregunta: Didn’t we just see a program where our good friends in Kuwaiti were saying how much they hated us?? Guess where all these weapons will go?? Just who is in charge of the funny farm in Washington???

The poor and working class have $750 million reasons why they are not too happy with Corporate Davis. $750 million is what Gov. Gray Davis (D) cut from the health and social service budget. This mostly goes to the working poor, the unemployed, & the sick who can’t afford to see a doctor. $750 million is ‘chump change’ that he paid to his: ENERGY BUDDIES” like SDGE, Enron and Duke Energy, to name a few.

President Bush’s Think (aka Thunk) Tank some how thought it was a brilliant idea to give Russia $10 billion dollars to “securitize, dismantle-the dismantled nuclear warheads! (Their words not mine!)

PREGUNTA: And these are the geniuses that Bush and company is going to put in their new box they are creating (The Department of Home Land Security... Shades of the KGB)? They once again want to unleash the FBI to spy on Americans WITHOUT ANYONE KNOWING! Chicanos know what that means. Hoover was the spymaster who spied on Chicanos and blacklisted thousands of them without ever giving them the right to confront their accusers!

Chismes from the Barrio. Some of our citizens can hardly wait for Denise Ducheny (D) to begin her campaign. Barrio Deep Throats say they want to ask her in public “How come you wouldn’t talk to us unless her husband verified they had donated to her campaigns???”

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