June 14 2002

Hombres G: Live Dangerously Together

By Pablo de Sainz

During the ‘80s, Spanish-language pop had a huge success. Teen bands from Spain, Mexico and Argentina began to create a world of fans, mostly young girls, who were loyal up to the end. Thus, bands like Timbiriche, Menudo, Parchis, and Hombres G. used to play all the time on the radio.

Hombres G might be the only band from that era that was kept alive on radio during the ‘90s, due to new generations rediscovering classics such as “Devuelveme a mi chica” and “Sueltate el pelo.”

Today, after a noticeable absence, Hombres G retakes its privileged place in Spanish-language pop (it is pop, although it might pass as “rock en español”) with its new double album, titled “Peligrosamente juntos” (Dro East West, 2002).

This album is made up of two parts:

The first album contains the hits that made Hombres G the most successful Spanish band of all time. It includes classics themes in their original versions, such as “Marta tiene un marcapasos,” “El ataque de las chicas cocodrilos,” “Venezia.” It also includes rare versions and new mixes of other songs, like the romantic “Te quiero” and “La cagaste Burt Lancaster.” In addition to being an anthology of classic stuff, there are two new singles in the album, “Lo noto,” that’s being playing on local radio stations recently, and “En otro mundo,” both romantic melodies.

All of these songs have the characteristics common to Hombres G: simply lyrics, easy to understand, lyrics that any middle school girl can quickly learn (“Lo noto,/se que nos pasa algo/ aunque selles tus labios,/ hay mal rollito entre los dos.../lo noto...”); and the pop sound that includes lead-singer David Summers’ guitar.

The second part of this album is a DVD Video that includes videos of songs like “Chico tienes que cuidarte” and “Rita;” extracts from Hombres G’s two films, “Sufre mamon” and “Sueltate el pelo.” In these fragments, the band plays songs like “Indiana” and “Tengo una chica;” and finally, the DVD includes a compilation of interesting band photos titled “Peligrosamente juntos 1986-2002.” This DVD is a chance to see Hombres G singing, just like they used to show their videos on ‘80s television.

“Peligrosamente juntos” is an excellent excuse for all those nostalgic “80s fans who like to remember middle school years. The album is a tour through the best of Hombre G. It is also an invitation so new generations can hear the music of a band that made history during the decade of the ‘80s, when girls used to use Aqua Net on their hair, fluorescent colors, and very large belts.

All of those who hate pop bands with clueless lyrics, stay away: “Peligrosamente juntos” is dangerously pop.

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