June 10, 2005


In and around San Diego, California and the Nation the political cauldron is heating. Not too surprisingly, in the mix, along with Whiteys, Blacks, and others are our own Raza putting their own interpretation on the politics that are swirling around the Community, the State and Nation. It sure is interesting to see that our Latino-Hispanic- Mexican American political spin is getting the attention of the politicos of this country as well as those from Mexico, and the rest of Latin-America. ¡Way to go Gente. Our spin on politics is mucho más importante than ever before!

Democrats are engaging Republicans and heaping much scorn upon their running of the Country and the World in general. About time I say! This writer has been fed up to the gills with their misuse of our Christian Brothers, by what passes for the Republican Party. “It Ain’t Right,” to drag down our Christian brothers and utilize them to carry the NeoCons extremist –warped political agenda. IRAQ is the NeoCons and President George Bush’s private war! Why are they trying to tarnish the millions of good solid Christians by making Iraq their war?

The good news, lately, is that the new Democratic Party Chairman, Howard Dean has had enough of the Extreme Right Wingers of the Republican Party. Chairman Dean opened fire on them on NBC”s “Today Show”. About time, the NEOCON”S are exposed for their manipulation of the people of the Christian faith.

MAPISTAS & the GREENPARTY ( El Partido Verde) want nuestra Gente to know that the forced shipping out of nuestra gente, back to Mexico, in 1929-1944 , under “The Mexican Repatriation Program,” that saw 400,000 American citizens of Mexican descent illegally sent off to Mexico, has been repudiated by an overwhelming vote in the California Senate! SB670 and SB 645, authored by Joseph Dubb (D-Orange County), establishes that a Commission will make recommendations as to what the appropriate monetary compensation can be made to the victims of this racist act that was carried out upon Mexican Americans of the State of California. Those wanting further information contact Hugo Vera, President of The Sacramento Mexican American Political Association or your Assembly Representative or Senator in Sacramento.

Hispanic Republicans have elected Pedro Celis, Washington State, as their new national chairman. He has worked for Microsoft since 1998 as a software architect. Jose Fuentes, Washington D.C. was selected as the 1st co-chair. Fuentes was the Attorney General for Puerto Rico from 1997-1999. Marisa Rummell was elected as 2nd co-chair. She is from Texas. Other elected officers were Secretary, Alci Maldonado, from Florida, Assistant-Secretary, Claudia Bermudez, from California, Treasurer Xavier Neira from Oklahoma and Assistant Treasurer Commissioner Ray Lopez, from New York. For more information call L.C. Kirk, 425-830-8641.

Political information that may be of use to your agenda:

Hispanics/Mexican Americans make up to 8.4 million of the children enrolled in elementary and secondary schools!

Schools serving our children receive on average $966 less per student in 2000.

More than 40 percent of Hispanics over the age of 25 did not have a high school education in 2000. Roughly, only one in two Latinos currently graduate from High School with diplomas!

President George Bush promised, in his “No Child Left Behind” Act, to provide $12 billion in funding for public education. He under funded the act by 24% ($3 billion)! Results: Our children will not get the help with reading and math promised under Title 1.

The number of students with limited English proficiency has doubled in the last 10 years. President Bush response: freezing the budget for bilingual education for the second year in a row! It is now $7 million below three years ago!

(Hey Gente I just don’t make this up! Before you VOTE check the facts and then make a smart choice as to what Party you are going to support!)


Last week, in this space, we misidentified George Gastil as running for 77th Assembly District, which in turn put a different spin on our comments. This is what we should have said:

George Gastil, (Democrat) has thrown his sombrero into the political arena and announced he will try and unseat Republican Shirley Horton in the State Assembly, 78th District. Michael Cargal and Sheridan DeWolf of La Mesa will host a fundraiser for Gastil on the 26th of June. Hummmm, our political Department will have to check out Mz Horton’s voting record see how she has voted (For Raza or against Raza interests).

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