June 9, 2000

Partnership Gives Quepasa.com's Members Access to Unique Historical and Cultural Information

In an effort to give U.S. Hispanics information about their cultural roots, quepasa.com (Nasdaq:PASA), the premier online community for U.S. Hispanics (www.quepasa.com), and Insight Guides announced a partnership today to provide U.S. Hispanics with the online resources they need to learn more about the rich ethnic heritage of the U.S. Latino communities.

As part of the deal, quepasa.com will provide its members with online access to Insight Guide's unique historical, cultural and travel related content for Latin American destinations to help Hispanics of every generation learn more about their cultural history.

For example, quepasa.com members will be able to read an article about how the L.A. muralist movement started in East Los Angeles and became a symbol of Chicano pride. Along with the article, quepasa.com members will be able to click on related links and purchase Insight Guides (www.langenscheidt.com).

"The U.S. Hispanic community has experienced a cultural renaissance over the past several years and a growing number of Hispanics are looking for resources to help them gain a better understanding of their culture," said Gary L. Trujillo, Chairman and CEO, quepasa.com. "Partnering with Insight Guides is a smart move because the travel guides are famous for providing practical advice, unsurpassed color photography, and a deep understanding of a destination's history, culture, institutions and people."

Insight Guides has set the standard for visual travel guides since 1970. Featuring unforgettable images from the world's top photographers, Insight Guides provides essays and text by well-known writers who have lived and explored the destinations that they are covering. Quepasa.com will incorporate this award-wining content into its Web site and make it available to its members for the very first time on the Internet in English and Spanish.

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