June 9, 2000

New Insights Into Hispanic Marketing Released

Acclaimed Hispanic Researcher Behind Highly Anticipated Book

LOS ANGELES -- Newly arrived Latino immigrants represent a more lucrative opportunity for marketers of U.S. products and services than already established U.S. Latinos. This controversial statement is just one of many intriguing new insights contained in Isabel Valdés's new book, Marketing to American Latinos, Part I: A Guide to the In-Culture Approach, available June 1.

Isabel Valdés

In her new book, renowned Hispanic market researcher Isabel Valdés offers fresh insight into the nuances of the exploding Latino community and a clear explanation of how to market to Hispanics from within their cultural framework. Valdés tackles ongoing debates on language and acculturation with new vigor and uses proprietary research and real life case studies from Fortune 500 companies to illustrate how companies are finding success. In addition, Valdés offers perspectives that may be considered controversial, or go against "popular" thinking:

· Latino immigrants represent the strongest consumer business potential - Between 1990 and 2000, Hispanic households grew 30% from the influx of new immigrants and new marriages (vs. 10% for non-Hispanic). Between 1998 and 2003, 18% growth in Hispanic households is anticipated (vs. 3% growth for non-Hispanic). "Latino immigrants are an underrated consumer. They represent brand new households to furnish, cars to be purchased, children to be clothed, mouths to be fed," states Valdés.

· When marketing to the exploding Hispanic youth market be sure to include "Mom" - Between 2000 and 2010, the Hispanic youth population will soar 25% (vs. a 6% decline for non-Hispanic youth). Los Angeles will post the greatest increase of any metro area, adding 300,000 Hispanic youths between 1998 and 2003. "The family- centric Hispanic culture mandates that U.S. marketers include Latino mothers in their communication in order to be successful," asserts Valdés.

Filled with new information and techniques geared to reaching and impacting the "here-to-stay" Hispanic consumer, Marketing to American Latinos can prevent marketers from repeating mistakes in reaching the Latino market.

Valdés delineates differences between Latino and Anglo lifecycles as well as the nuances between Puerto Ricans, Cubans and Mexicans. She delves into the "New Latina" and Generation Ñ, offers new projections for the Latino baby boom and discusses generational differences within Hispanic families. In addition, Valdés explains how to design marketing that resonates with recently arrived Latinos as well as those already established, and explains the importance of being culturally attuned to all message levels: symbolic, explicit, visual, and subliminal, when reaching the Latino market.

Highly interactive CD-ROM and online versions of Marketing to American Latinos are also available, which allow the reader to view television advertising developed for Hispanic audiences, download demographic and pyschographic data on this ever-changing market, listen to Latino music samples and access a wide variety of timely, culturally-relevant resources.

"Given how diverse and complex today's Hispanic experience in the United States has become, it is crucial to be able to connect the dots and create strategies that translate effectively from the boardroom to the street," said Hugo Pimienta, Chairman and CEO of Pueblo Corporation. "Marketing to American Latinos is a complete, highly impactful sourcebook from a renowned researcher and expert whose work continues to be both enlightening and trendsetting."

Valdés is founder of Hispanic Market Connections and chairperson of Cultural Access Group. Hispanic Business magazine characterizes Valdés as "a major force behind the maturation of Hispanic market research in America" and American Demographics recently named Valdés a 21st Century Star, one of "ten thought leaders who are driving the future of consumer intelligence."

Marketing to American Latinos: A Guide to the In-Culture Approach is available from Paramount Market Publishing by calling 1-888-787-8100, at Amazon.com, or by special order from your local bookstore.

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