June 9, 2000

My Hollywood Love letter: A Millennium Manifesto

by Abel Salas

On Saturday, June 17th we have the opportunity to make television history by tuning in to the star-studded prime-time television ALMA Awards broadcast brought to you by ABC at 8 pm CST/9pm EST.

As we approach the latter half of the of the first year in this millennium, Latinos are still vastly underrepresented in film and television. The percentage of our numbers on the screen and in the film and television industry are nowhere near equivalent to our percentage of the general population.

It's time to send Hollywood a strong, clear message. As Latinos, we will join hands and celebrate the film, television and musical artists who represent the best our diverse Latino cultures have to offer. It's all about ratings. When the advertisers and film and television studios recognize that we have strength not only at the polls or at the marketplace but with the remotes to our television sets while we sit comfortably on our own couches, they will understand that they can no longer simply write us in and out at will, propagating outdated stereotypes or oftentimes even refusing to acknowledge our existence in the fabric of society at all.

Don't forget to tune in to ABC Saturday June 17 at 8 pm pacific and 9pm central for the best LATINO entertainment awards program on the air waves.

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