June 9, 2000

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Open Letter To L.A. School Board Of Trustee

TO: Vickie Castro
Los Angeles Unified School District

From: Maria Elena Gaitan
Subj.: Your `reality' vote for Ex-Colorado Governor Romer

I am writing to express my outrage at your vote in favor of hiring the former Governor of Colorado as Superintendent of LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District). What world do you live in??? As the only Mexican-American on the L.A. Board of Education you had the opportunity to cast at least one vote of protest on behalf of the largest group of people in the District... LATINOS! But instead you Kowtow to the Democratic-Party and voted for this monolingual out—of-town, corporate gringo from, the bankrupt leadership of the Democratic Party, your Party.

Your despicable `reality' vote in favor of one more irrelevant gringo Superintendent caused me to remember your role a few years ago as defender and advocate for the corrupt thieving Board of Directors of Azteca in East L.A., community organization that blantenly discriminated against handicapped children and siphoned hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Head Start coffers into the pockets of a few "poverty Pimps".

It also brought to mind your benefactor and mentor, Ex-Superintendent Bill Anton, Mr. Wheeler-dealer responsible for the Belmont High School fiasco... A man steeped in the practices of nepotism and sexual harassment...

Your presence on the school Board is merely a reminder of how far we have gotten from the road paved by activists Chicano students and educators from the 60's Civil Rights Movement, a tradition you certainly never belonged to no matter how much you claim to be an ex-militant. Or how many mariachi and guacamole fundraisers you have held.

Your precence on the Board is less than nothing... Frankly I find your presence on the Board of LAUSD an embarrassment! I urge you to resign!

You are a Chicana falsa who totally benefited from the social justice movement of her generation and became an apologist for a corrupt party that sold us out one more time. You are a plant with no roots. Like my mother use to say: "otro pájaro nalgón."

Maria Elena Gaitán
Los Angeles

(Due to length, the letter is in an abridged format)

Sacramento MAPA Gang Not Involved In Palace Coup

I know Tezz prides himself as a truthful old Indio, so I know he was fed some bad nopa-litos on the MAPA-thong. The Sacramento "gang" isn't involved in this court battle that has been going on for six years now. In fact, the Sacramento Mapistas have tried to work with both sides of this conflict between San Francisco MAPA, MAPA del Valle, Fresno MAPA and elements of the Metro Region. As a Republican, I would love to see MAPA go with Bush, but there aren't enough Reeps in MAPA to endorse Tezzy, much less Bush.

Con Safos
Julio Calderon
Northern Region, MAPA Director

(OK J.C so when does the Fresno gang go belly up and the Frisco Vatos take over???.)

Arizona Vigilantes Have Friends in San Fernando Valley

Glenn Spencer founder of the `Voice of Citizens Together and the American Patrol' which are based in the San Fernando Valley. Spencer's groups are notorious for being anti-Mexican and anti-immigrant. Spencer has taken his crusade to Arizona to support the vigilantes there.

Spencer has a web site www.americanpatrol.com that demonstrates why he is a fanatical anti-Mexican radical!

Raoul Lowery Contreras
San Diego

(I am sure the people of the home of Senator Goldwater have seen their share of kooks and nuts. They like roaming out in the deserts where Spencer and his boys will seem tame compared to the rattlesnakes that frequent the area.)

Support Appreciated by the F.O.E.

On behalf of the Fraternal Order of Eagles #244, I would like to extend our appreciation for your generosity and support for our fundraising efforts. As a result of the advertising in La Prensa San Diego, we had an overwhelming attendance as well as a monetary success at our "Cinco de Mayo" dance held on May 6 in support of the Cancer Foundation.

We look forward to a continued relationship with La Prensa. Once again thank you for your generosity.

Norma Hernandez
Fraternal Order of Eagles #244

It's Time Baseball Owners Put Up or Shut Up!

The Padres are desperately trying to get the ballpark project so deeply committed that saner minds (or court decisions) can't reverse the process. Hence they seek a "loan"

of funds from the taxpayers to move forward in spite of numerous legal widespread opposition.

Well if destitute John Moores needs a loan, he should talk to his fellow team owners in pro-baseball They can pony up the funds.

A farfetched idea? Hardly. Pro-football, the NFL owners just voted to loan $52 million to the Seattle Seahawks owner and $100 million to the Detroit Lions' for their construction of a new football stadium!

It's time the baseball owners put up their money into these economic black hole stadiums!

Steve Green

(Hear, hear... a VOICE OF REASON!)

The Gun Wars Continue

Now everybody in the United States sees Rosie O'Donnell's true colors. Nobody else in this country should own a gun, but it is perfectly fine for this Hollywood elite to protect her own child with one!

She is a perfect representative of everything wrong with the entertainment industry and our current administration. Screw the "little people," and exempt the elite from any consequences of their own ACTIONS. What a HYPOCRITE!

Larry Rosner
Santee, Ca.

(Show-Biz type are just the messengers, that's what they get paid for. That's why they should be ignored. Especially The Board of directors)

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