June 9, 2000

Strong Mayor Proposal Kidnapped By Vested Interests

Rigging of the San Diego political system is underway! Fearing the outcome of submitting their, secrecy shrouded, plan for changing the form of government that has served San Diego since 1931, the City Manager form of Government, a group of well heeled operatives moved quickly, once their secret meetings concluded, to take the "people" out of the equation. They moved quickly to have their secretly concocted plan for a `Strong Mayor' form of government placed on the next election ballot without exposing it to public scrutiny until election day.

The City-Manager form of government was voted into existence by the voters in 1931 because they perceived that, that form as being the best able to provide the "checks and balances" to limit the abuses that occur when too much power is concentrated in limited hands. The power of authority to appoint City Officials was divided among the Mayor, the City Council, and the City Manager. The diffusion of power would prevent corruption and abuse by any official of the city. The running of the city was the jurisdiction of the City Manager. The responsibility of conducting the affairs of the city's municipal legislation was left to the Mayor and the City Council. It would take five votes of the City Council to remove the City Manager.

In one move separation of powers and a system of checks and balances were achieved. A professional administrator oversaw the operations of the city and the Mayor and City Council could concentrate on municipal legislation and planning. This form of government has served the city well and is still in use!

Though it has been revised many times, Citizen Charter Review Committees, appointed by the City Council and Mayor, rigorously debated the proposed changes before submitting their recommendations to the City Council. After the City approved the changes, the proposals were then placed on the ballot where they were brought under scrutiny by the general public. The people in open voting then decided if they approved or not.

What George Mitrovich, and his shadowy Cadre of usurpers, want is to avoid any debate or study of their secret documents. One is led to believe that they want a government of one person rule with no checks and balances. It would be a government where they would have the power to control. I submit this is contrary to the founding principles of our nation!

If in fact, a Carter Review is in order, it should be carried out under our existing rules and regulations, Mitrovich and company not withstanding.

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