June 8, 2001

The Public Forum ... El Foro Publico


Chavez and Contreras, Oreo's

I read your two editorials of June and May 25 about George W. Bush and I agree with your ideas completely.

I'm a red dog democrat MEXICANOFILO and can't understand how you can print the words of Linda Chavez and Raoul Lowery Contreras in your newspaper, both are Oreo's, brown on the outside and white on the inside. She was againts raising the minimum wage and was G.W. Bush's nominee for Labor Secretary. As the Hispanics say "Dime con quien andas y te diré quien eres". También, no es señor, el que señor nace, sino el que serlo sabe. Both Contreras and Chavez fit this mold. On the radio Contreras voices opinions like Rush "Limberger" -- So does Chavez -- they are the friends of the right wing rich, certainly don't support La Prensa's "opinions".

J.H. Wenger

In death of migrants, there is blame for both sides of the border

I too join the mourners of the needless ongoing deaths of Mexican workers within the United States. The Berlin Wall II, has made American into an EVIL EMPIRE within and without the world. Insofar, Berlin Wall II has been doubled at a cost of a million dollars a mile.

However, the conditions in Mexico that drove Mexican people have been overlooked by the Hispanic community in America, they are: hungery no hope and future. There is blame on both sides of the Berlin Wall II that has to be raised here for better understanding of the problems and to support the Progressive Mexican people whom are waging this heroic struggle.

Dr. Art Salzberg
San Diego

SDSU does the right thing

I recently received a letter from SDSU's Stephen L. Weber President where he expresses his decision in keeping the Aztec logo.

Pues amen!

I couldn't understand how our autochthonous brothers in the states could oppose themselves to an issue not affecting them but us.

However, Weber had the cojones and like a wise Tlamatini saw through the black and red ink spilling over this issue and made the best decision SDSU has made for the next thousand years.

Órale ...

Julio César Martínez
Aneeberg, Sweden

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