June 8, 2001

Cal State San Marcos Program Offers Degree Opportunities for Working Adults

A flexible schedule adult education program at California State University San Marcos gives full-time working students the chance to complete a four-year degree without attending daytime courses. The Program for Adult College Education, or PACE, is an upper division program that offers majors in liberal studies, social sciences, sociology, and history. Applications are currently being accepted to Cal State San Marcos and to PACE for fall 2001.

"This program offers students the chance to progress through their studies at their own pace," says Laurie Lin-deneau, program advisor. "Students in the program are not required to complete a minimum number of units each semester." Students can take a combination of evening, early morning, Saturday, or online classes.

To enter the PACE program, students need to have completed at least 60 semester units, with an overall grade point average of at least 2.0. Lindeneau says full-time working students who want to accelerate their degree program can complete their upper-division requirements in two years by taking 3-4 courses each fall and spring semester, as well as courses during the summer. PACE students are entitled to priority registration. PACE students pay regular California State University (CSU) state-supported tuition and fees for legal residents ($543 for up to six units per semester, and $853 for more than 6.1 units per semester). Financial assistance is also available to Cal State San Marcos students.

PACE students can take courses at either the Cal State San Marcos campus in San Marcos, or at the university's Southwest Riverside County center in Temecula.

For more information or to request a PACE application, call 760-750-8111, or e-mail PACE@csusm.edu. Program applications are also available online at www.csusm.edu/PACE/.

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