June7, 2002

City of Chula Vista Asks Residents to Help Create a Vision for the Future

By Paola Hornbuckle

The City of Chula Vista is in the process of creating a vision for the year 2020 and it is encouraging its residents to become active in the process. “Chula Vista Vision 2020” will update the city’s General Plan, which sets the course for all growth, development and community planning during the next 20 years. This update is necessary in order to plan for new growth and development as well as for the revitalization of existing communities and neighborhoods. Participation of residents is vital, as their input along with other research conducted by city staff, will form the basis for the General Plan Update.

The city is especially interested in getting feedback from all demographic groups in Chula Vista, particularly Hispanics. It is implementing a “Visioneer Program” to encourage ordinary citizens to get involved. Visioneers are people who volunteer their time to facilitate discussions and record the comments of individuals or a group, including friends, neighbors, and organizations or clubs to which they belong. These comments are then collected for use in the General Plan Update process. It is an excellent opportunity for average citizens to talk about their hopes, needs, fears and issues regarding the city and have input in their outcome. Some key themes deal with parking, traffic, public parks, public transportation, schools, libraries, and housing.

“A City General Plan is the community’s collective vision for its future. There is an understanding that the vision needs to come from input from the community, from all aspects of the community. It is important to get involved, to have your voice heard at the beginning of the plan update process. That allows the city to assure it addresses a broad range of the communities issues in the future,” explained Ed Batc-helder, General Plan Project Manager.

Visioneer training is scheduled for June 12 at 6:30 p.m. at the Civic Center Public Services Building in Conference Rooms 2 & 3 on the corner of 4th and F St.. It will also take place on June 14 at 9:30 a.m. at the Norman Park Center Senior Center on 270 F St. Visioneer training will be conducted in English and Spanish and all materials are available in both languages.

The City has widely distributed brochures, questionnaires, and conducted town hall discussions in an effort to reach as many residents as possible. Although happy with the outcome so far, it still hopes to reach wider and more diverse demographic sections of the population. For more information call the General Plan Information Line at 619-409-5486. Hopeful Visioneers just have to show up on the assigned training dates to participate. You can also log on to www.ci.chula-vista.ca.us and share your vision online.

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