June7, 2002

Notas Politicas

The political season is on Maria Perman, long time Trustee for the Southwestern College Board announcing her campaign will kick off this Saturday. Maria wants another 4 years too finish off all the good projects she has been involved with.

Peter Camejo, former Socialist Workers Party member, candidate for President in ’76, now candidate for California State Governor, is running under the California Green Party. Oh, he is also now a millionaire and is seeking to bring ‘Latinos into the Green Party label. Camejo thinks adding a little Brown to the Green Party may just stop the Davis juggernaut. Peter thinks he can take 20-30 percent of the Latino vote. The usual suspects are lining up to the hog trough to se what they can get. More on Camejo later.

Assemblyman Rod Pacheco (R), who was the first Latino to be elected to the Legislature in 115 years. Sits on Bill Simon’s advisory committee right next to Pete Wilson (HCRW /Hardcorerightwinger) says Republican leaders (in Calif.) have “cast aside” Latinos. Yapp. Ole Pete did a good job of casting us aside. Though I think Chicanos did pretty good job of kicking Pete’s butt out of the Presidential campaign!

Orange County Rag stating that Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante in trouble with Raza and other Democratic groups over his performance while in office. Republican Bruce McPherson of Santa Cruz is being touted as the man to sent Bustamante packing back to the grape fields of Fresno. Quien sabe. This Rag (La Prensa) not on his visiting list in past eight years. Toooo late now. If he treated the other State Raza in same fashion he sure will be in trouble!

Mejicanos imigrantes getting into political mood. They quick to let el Jefito know that their primary interests in this years election are: Tener VOZ (have a political voice), Mexicanization/ Regularizacion loosely translated is to educate non Mexican organizations understand what they are all about, “El Voto” Mexicans want to have the vote in Mexico when they are sojourning in the USA. Finally they are very concerned over “Remesas”/sending funds to their homes. They want a less costly and safer way to be able to send their earnings to their families. Ok Candidates now you have a talking point with our immigrant Mexicans. (P.S. if you have any questions don’t call me. Go to their web www.mexicanassociation.com they are located in Providence Rhode Island!

From the Governor of Illinois

As Governor of the State of Illinois, I would like to congratulate La Prensa San Diego on its 26th Anniversary of publication.

Illinois is comprised of many ethnic communities that join to form a great state while also maintaining their rich cultural individualities. Your publication serves as a vital link to the Hispanic American community. Not only are your readers educated by its contents, but they also benefit by affirming an invaluable connection to their heritage.

On behalf of the people of the State of Illinois, I commend your dedication to the Hispanic American Community. The hard work that goes in to each and every publication is appreciated.

George H. Ryan

(Editors Comment: Muchas Gracias Señor Governador! It is always comforting to note how often La Prensa San Diego impacts around the State, Nation and in foreign countries around the world. It makes our work a “labor of love”)

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