June7, 2002

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Struggle for Raza Vote is On

I read with great interest your editorial of May 24, 2002 (Español “Lingua Franca of Campaign 2002”). I am running in a new district designed by my opponent and her husband to be a majority Latino district. I am reaching out at every opportunity to Mexican-Americans. ... I have been greeted by Hispanic people on every occasion with courtesy and respect. When I speak about my vision of giving every American a shot at the American Dream, I receive enthusiastic approval.

I am a fresh new face who has never held political office. Like you, Sir, I have held many positions of leadership and responsibility in the United States Navy over a 20 year career. Unlike my opponent, I am not a career politician. I am not in this to feather my nest with ill-gotten gains. I simply wish to restore our founding principles of limited government and liberty and justice for all.

I believe after reading your editorial that we have many common goals. I am a foot soldier in the Republican effort to broaden the base of our party. I believe Latino people are natural Republicans—hard working, respectful, family oriented, moral, and responsible. While I cannot claim an Hispanic middle name, I believe I respect and will represent those virtues far more effectively for all Americans in this district far better than a pay to play politician like my opponent.

Thanks again for your wonderful editorial encouraging the Republican Party to reach out to Latino voters as I am doing.

Mike Giorgino
(Giorgino is running for the State Senate, 40th District, against Denise Ducheny)

I couldn’t agree with you more. (La Prensa San Diego Editorial 5/24/02 Español” Lingua Franca of Campign”). The Republican Party has been asleep at the wheel when it comes to the need to reach out to the Latino, Hispanic and Mexican American people. In 1997, I gave approximately $8,000.00 to Republican entities with the specific request that it be spent in a way that begins a process of integrating Latino, Hispanic and Mexican needs with the message of the Republican party.

I agree with you that, although the Democrats have enjoyed the benefit of the Latino, Hispanic and Mexican vote, they are in actuality out-of-step with their needs, desires and philosophies. The Democrats have enjoyed their vote not because they have earned it, or because they deserve it, but rather because the Republicans have, in effect, ignored it. That has to stop.

I believe that fundamentally the Latino, Hispanic and Mexican communities are actually, more closely aligned to Republican Party principles than to Democratic Party principles. . .

Mark Price
San Diego County Association of Republican Elected Officials

I agree whole heartedly with your editorial. (“Español” Lingua Franca of Campaign 2002) I have been preaching the same thing for quite some time now.

I have stated in a letter to the California Republican Party that the party has ignored the Hispanic-American, African-American and the Asian Pacific Islanders for to long. If the Republican Party is going to make any head way in the future they have to start embracing these ethnic groups. Many of our ancestors didn’t cross the border, the border crossed them. We in Kern County are making a difference and many Hispanic Democrats are tired of being taken for granted. Keep up the good work.

Jim Lopez
Kern County Republican National Hispanic Assembly

Re. Multilingual Election

Please forgive me for writing to you in English. Three semesters of Spanish 30 years ago, I can’t remember a thing! Unfortunately for you, the California Republican congressional delegation is 21 old white men and Mary Bono. Not one Hispanic –Latino in the delegation.

The California Democratic delegation has 6 Latinos. . . If we get the House back, they will have 20 chairmanships and 22 subcommittees. How cool is that? Of course, they all won’t be Latinos. But, consistently they vote for labor, women’s rights, education, controls on corps, cleaning up the environment, and not sending young people off to war for oil!

Lawson Chadwick
Pres. Democratic Club of Carlsbad/Oceanside

(Editors Comments: Unfortunately San Diego Democrats have forgotten how to dialogue with the 760,000 thousand Mexican-Latinos in the county. They are still living in ghettos polluted with toxic wastes, they are still the worse paid, they still have the worse education, worse schools, worse homes. They are under employed and the majority are below the poverty line. Lets face reality…we are only remembered on Election Day by either party. So what now?)

A Call to All My Veteran Friends

When one stands out in the cornfield and looks over the field in hopes that life will soon be present, one must contemplate on the world situation and its ability to see a health plan that will grow to cover every American. This should be a Retirement System that is enhanced by the Government, and laws should be enacted to insure that big companies are mandated to insure the safety of all pension plans for all it’s past and future employees!

Yet this doesn’t happen . . . Why? Because the Government, itself, doesn’t do the things they promised to those who served a nation in both peace time and in conflict! Promises made were never given a second thought by those who said they would work to provide the promises that were made to every military person who agreed to stay and serve his/her country for more then twenty years! Promises made by a government, and accepted by millions of young service members, for Retirement Pay and No-Cost Medical Care for him and his spouse for life . . .

The truth is, the issue of No-Cost Health Care means only that you may go to the Emergency Room in any military hospital in a military town, and wait for hours to be seen. If it is life threatening you are treated . . . if not you or your spouse are sent out to the economy on a substandard medical plan that most doctors refuse to accept. If they do, you or your spouse are required to pay a deductible before you are seen, and then you pay 50 to 75% of the Bill out of your own pocket . . .

The government constantly says that it will remedy the inappropriate manner in which retired and the retired disabled military men and women are treated . . . all that is required is a vote to insure that they will win this election. Once in office, they ignore those who have the least amount of money, and help those who make billions from the suffering of the poor.

Our elected officials have sworn to make just laws for all the American people . . . Yet, they continually pass laws to aid the big money businesses that consistently use up our natural resources, taint our drinking water, and foul our air with little or no consequences . . .

This is why we need signed contracts from every politician who runs for public office, to hold them accountable in office and in the courts for violating the trust of all the American People . . . not just a few!

Promises given must be promises kept! Join the Veteran Voting Block . . . It’s not just for Veterans; it is for all Americans!

Floyd Hunter
San Diego

Help, Lost Camera/Film of Son Returning from Tour of Duty

My husband, 2 sons, and myself flew in from Florida to see our son come off the John Stennis. This event was grand, it made us proud to be an American. This was a day that glory was shown on all the men and women’s faces as they walked off the Stennis.

We did have one small problem. My camera case was taken by accident. It is black,12x12, 2 side pockets,1 front pocket, 1 zipper pocket on the back, hand handle, strap handle.When you open the case there is a pocket on the inside and my camara lense. The most important item is my used film. It was the film that I used to take pictures of this grand event, and it contains all the memories that I want to pass down to my grandchildren. I know this was an accident because everyone was so happy seeing the loved ones who we are all so proud of. If you know anything about my camera case and the used film, I will be forever greatful.

If anyone has any information please e-mail me at Clara1909@aol.com I will pay for the safe return of the film.

Clara May

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