June7, 2002

State Treasurer to Present Commemorative $7.5 Million Check to County’s Community Health Centers and Clinics

San Diego County’s community health centers and clinics (CHC), which provide essential services that help protect and improve the public’s health, received a commemorative check for $7.5 million on May 14 from California State Treasurer Philip Angelides. The event recognized the success of a statewide grant award program that was designed to fund capital expenditures for community clinics.

A recently passed Assembly Bill —(AB2875— enacted the Cedillo-Alarcon Community Clinic Investment Act of 2000, which authorized the California Health Facilities Financing Authority (CHFFA) to award grants in support of capital outlay projects. Such projects ranged from the construction of new facilities to the purchase of much needed equipment.

State Treasurer Angelides presented the ceremonial check to Executive Directors of the community health centers and clinics that received one or more grant awards. The event was hosted by Connie Kirk, Executive Director of the Imperial Beach Community Clinic, which is using its $250,000 share of the grant award to help fund construction of a new health care facility at its present site.

Grant awards up to $250,000 for each clinic helped with a wide range of acquisitions, from administrative support software to the expansion and construction of buildings.

“The award of this grant money has been a much-needed shot in the arm for our affiliated clinics,” explained Mickie Beyer, Chief Executive Officer of the CHC. “It has allowed them to move forward with vital capital projects that have been on hold for some time due to limited funding sources. And in the long term, it helps boost our mission of providing quality, affordable, culturally sensitive healthcare to all San Diegans regardless of their ability to pay.

“We’re extremely grateful to the State of California and to all of those who extended a hand to us in a spirit of partnership and support so that we can continue to identify and secure the delivery of essential healthcare services,” Beyer added.

Healthcare facilities that were licensed as a community or free clinic as of January 1999 and met all eligibility requirements established by the CHFFA were invited to apply for grant funds. Each application was evaluated independently and score based on need and other criteria established for the program.

The presentation ceremony was held on Tuesday, May 14 at the Imperial Beach Community Clinic. Numerous political officials from throughout San Diego County attended and provided official resolutions proclaiming May 14, 2002 as Community Health Centers and Clinics/State of California Spirit of Partnership and Support Day. Authentic Mexican food and live Mariachi music were also included in the festivities.

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