June 6, 2003

Q-V0! Mi Gente, pos chale, chale con ese clamor. In the 70’s nuestra Gente were the only ones that got their butts kicked around by La Chota y La Migra. Los Chicanos, with the help of our gente, fought against the denial of all our Constitutional & Civil Rights. Ahora the Justice Department, el CIA, el F BI, El Attorney General are all getting their cookies tirando chanclazos against anyone that happens to look like “Omar Sherif”. Ay man, acuerdense: Remember how encabronados we use to get when the Sheriff and his goons would pull our gente out of the Yellow cabs and jail them because they look MEXICAN! Our protectors of liberty and justice for all, are now throwing anyone, that even looks like he was born in “Jesus Christ’s country”, en la Pinta. Their Constitutional & Civil Rights are being totally ignored! Ya basta!!

PREGUNTA: When did President Bush and his Goons have permission to change our Constitution, The Amendments & the Bill of Rights? Is America a Dictatorship now?

“American Justice at work”: If you’re a blanquito, Anglo-Saxon like former Chula Vista City Councilman, then Port Commissioner David Malcolm, you can do anything you want even if it is illegal. Not to worry, the Good Ole Boys who control this town and the County will circle the wagons and plug up the Justice system and spring their man loose. All he did was siphoned off mucho dinero from the public purse into his own bank account. Y qué? According to the letters he got from the “Good ole Boys,” Malcolm could do no wrong. They praised him like the man walked on water. Tried to tell you Shirley not to appoint him to be the Port Commissioner representing Chula Vista...But you wouldn’t listen. Pues, el Chueco got off with a 4 months in a local apartment ...Not even a real Tambo. They should have put him in “La Ocho” en Tijuas! The Republican Ganga still rules the Ethics Committee!

Saben qué?, I think I’ll go back to my Jacalito, en la zona roja, lite up my grifa y enjoy la vida Loca. At least, la gente del otro lado, know who the good and bad guys are. They admit it! La mordida jala! Por eso, no pagan taxes, don’t obey any laws, don’t trust la chota, and don’t care two- bits for los politicos and they don’t believe anything the government says. Y la pasamos pisteando y taquachando con las chavitas, No hay más! Que viva Mexico!

With councilman Ralph Inzunza, Jr., under investigation for assorted crimes and misdemeanors, it becomes a little clearer as to why he got so upset when it was suggested that the city ethics committee would randomly review campaign contributions of elected representatives!!! Makes you wonder.

Looks like the residents of National City are going to be paying more to have their trash picked up. National City councilmember Luis Natividad tried to explain the cost increase, but instead has mastered the art of talking with forked tongue. Once a home boy, Louie has forgotten how to talk from the heart. Bottom line is the poorest city in the county, with 2/3rds of its residents living in poverty, will be paying more. Meanwhile the trash company will be paying the city $350,000 big ones in franchise fees, probably to pay for National City’s pay raises to the councilmembers.

In a letter floating around Natividad tries to explain his pay raise as the need to maintain the sytle of living that he had become comfortable with. He says the National City pay raise is filling gap from when he went from full time work at San Diego city hall to part-time work for Charles Lewis. Whatever happened to the idea that you ran for public office to serve the people, the community, the greater good. Apparently for Louie it is to make a buck and to hell with the community!!!

Indictments soon to follow: With all three city councilmember under investigation they are quickly raising money for a defense fund, it appears that indictments will soon follow. Pregunta: qué pasará when the indictments do come? All three will have to step down and a special election will be held. Looks like it might be time for those with aspirations to start dusting off those campaign brochures. Are you listening Mike Aguirre???

El jefe de La Prensa estuvo muy busy lately serving as the UN South. Spent Wednesday morning meet with Alexandre Murat, who is the chief of Staff to the President of Greater Bordeaux Area of France. Next week will be meeting with Michael Fleischhacer, Deput Editor in Chief of Austrian daily “Die Presse,” not to mention the 6 African American journalist last month. La Prensa having an impact all over the world!!!

Redevelopment agency for San Diego in the process of funding several affordable housing projects. Just one curious thing; of the four projects before the agency three with 50 or more apartments range in fund request between $2 million to $3.7 million. The one project in Barrio Logan of only 45 apartments with only 5 set aside for very low income is requesting $6.2 million. Hmmmm, wonder why it cost $3.5 million more in Barrio Logan to build fewer apartments??? Developer for this project: Urban Innovations. Could it be that the developers plan to convert the apartments to condos and sell them with a view of the ballpark and bay, can’t sell cheapos to the yuppies?

Ken-Tal Senior Housing Project is seeking to build 91 apartments offering to set aside 90 for very low income and is seeking $3.4 million. Hmmm!!!

Democratic Leadership Council listed their top 100 Demos to watch. Of course one of them is Juan Vargas. In his statement Vargas professed to be in public service “To be an advocate for disadvantaged communities…” What??? That is not the Vargas we know. His No. 1 rule of politics: “Always stand for what you believe in, even when it’s politically difficult.” Please who is this guy trying to fool, the Vargas we know never stood for anything that didn’t promote his political career.

De Aqui y Allá:

Los Eagles de San Diego Post Aerie #244 celebrated and installed their new head EAGLE; George M. Van Valkenburg Jr. this past weekend. The installation was enhanced by Helen Chavez, the head Chef, cook and owner of “El Gran Taco” who, with help of her ever present side kick Carl, served a banquet a todo dar, at the Eagles Post on Centre St, San Diego, for the eating pleasure of all the guest (nearly 200). To all the Raza Aguilas that were present, which included Vic Resendez & friends, there was a special treat in store when Marcelo, former member of “La Familia,” broke out his band and played the sweet sounds which brought back the times when we all use to enjoy dancing with our Rucas y Guisas! Plaques were awarded to all the Trustees for their loyal service to the group.

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) will be holding their 2003 Scholarship Awards Luncheon, honoring students from K-12, JC, & College, on Saturday June 21. The event will be held at the Handlery Hotel, in Mission Valley, in Hotel Circle North, commencing at 1:30PM! County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Rudy M. Castruita will be giving an inspirational talk to all the students, their Parents and Guests. NBC 7/39 News Anchor, Vic Salazar will be the Master of Ceremonies. He will make sure that the program flows along smoothly and that all the students have a memorable time. For tickets/Reservations contact the President of LULAC, Beatrice Estrada at 619-423-5014 or if you desire mail in your reservation with your check for $20.00 to LULAC PO Box 84872, San Diego, Ca. 92138.

Que tristeza. Mi cuate, Victor Avila, el fotógrafo, se murió. He passed 73 years of his life making people happy. He was one of the best photographers in the country. I will never forget you, mi amigo. Some day we will meet again. I know if the Good Lord needs a photograph, he will call upon you. It will hang high in the Heavens for all to see. Descansa en Paz Victor. You brighten so many of our lives. In a world where greatness is such a rare commodity, your soul will guide many of us and be our beacon to immortality.

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