June 6, 2003

Home Loan Counseling and Education Center says “Yes” to Homeownership by “any means necessary”

The San Diego Home Loan Counseling and Education Center, San Diego’s Premier Home Buyer Educational Institution has been awarded the maximum award of $100,000 from U.S. Department Housing and Urban Development to equip residents to be successful at securing the American dream, home ownership at a time when real estate prices in San Diego have escalated to exorbitant heights.

This award is so crucial because without this added component and the expertise that the San Diego Home Loan Counseling and Education Center brings, many families would never obtain what many long standing home owners take for granted, a home that they own.

In it’s 26 years of existence the San Diego Home Loan Counseling and Education Center has facilitated over $152 million in 1st time homebuyer purchases. This facilitation, which has provided increased equity, has empowered individuals to start businesses, send their children to college and have access to capital in case of emergencies. In many instances they have single handedly increased homeownership, increased City revenue, stabilized many small businesses and communities and empowered individuals in ways that previously seemed impossible.

Their passion and commitment has manifested itself to a point that they have received such wide acclaim and in turn they have become a household name and the place to call for real estate finance questions.

“When we say by any means necessary we mean that we are committed to exercising every right, every opportunity and broadening the minds of potential home buyers to reflect on non-traditional home buying opportunities such as condominiums, duplexes, home buying partnerships which is several people buying together and maximizing buying capital, opportunity and access” said Mary Otero-Gonzalez, Executive Director, San Diego Home Loan Counseling Center who has seen many changes take place throughout her nineteen years association with the Home Loan and Education Center. “We are aware that it is taking some people longer to find homes in their price range due to the current market conditions and yet it is clear that those who are serious, realistic, creative and aggressive are successful,” Mrs. Otero-Gonzalez further stated.

The services that will be provided under this award are the very pieces to the missing puzzles for so many would be buyers. Services such as credit counseling, counseling to improve your credit, learning how to successfully live within your budget, how to buy a home from A to Z, education on refinancing, which is putting more money back into your pocket and possible redemption on defaults. And to put the icing on the cake these services are free to all interested parties.

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