June 6, 2003


The Republican Controlled FCC Betrays Our Constitution

The Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission (FCC) thrust a dagger into the heart of media diversity when they voted 3-2, this week, to relax the rules determining media ownership. And, more importantly are moving to stifle the voices of this country’s minority communities!

Under the new rules, media Corporations will now have the opportunity to own as many as three television stations, eight radio stations, a daily newspaper and cable stations in the largest U.S. cities. In effect, media giants will control what you will see, read and/or hear – They will be a complete monopoly!.

These media giants will have an omni-present ability to dictate political choice, the thinking, forming and shaping of the opinions which will reflect biases, prejudices and opinions of a particular element within the nation.

Minority voices such as La Prensa San Diego are rendered incapable of providing an alternative voice, as will all other non-corporate controlled media. Media giants such as News Corp, Viacom, Tribune Broadcasting, to name a few, will have the financial and political muscle to solidify their dominance and control over what Americans will read, hear, and view. There in fact will be no “freedom” of information in America.

Not only will they dominate what will be said, heard or viewed, they will control who says it, and what is said. The controlling economic interests of this country will make it impossible for all differing perspectives to be heard. The few controlling interests will be in control of the origin, and point of view, that will be available for the general public.

This ruling by the FCC, if not changed by the Congress, would subject the American public to hear, read, or view the opinions, and perspectives that will be mainly in the interests of the ruling political parties and their economic partners, the Corporate Multi-Billionaires of this country. The interests of America and Americans will come second place, as money owes no allegiance to any country.

Recognizing the danger of one Party rule, Political individuals of all political persuasions are lunching broad based opposition on Capitol Hill and throughout the nation. Democrats and Moderate Republicans, alike, are opposing the idea, with several bills set to be introduced. There is also a broad range of political organizations and community based organizations that are raising their voices in alarm over the outrageous effort by members of the extreme Right Wing element of the Republican party and the major media conglomerates that are a part of the wealth cabal that is behind this move.

Smaller market media, such as La Prensa San Diego, are raising their voices in alarm! We recognize the inherent danger of any one single entity owning the nations media. One has only to look at all past despotic countries to see what happens when all voices of dissent are silent. America wouldn’t be here if the colonists hadn’t raised their voices against the British. The Congress must overturn the FCC ruling. Failing that, there will be a long list of attorneys who will buck it all the way up to the Supreme Court.


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