June 4, 2004

HIJOLE, qué hacer? Summer comienza. Not only do the crickets come out of the earth to do their once every 17 years ‘cosita’, to guarantee the continuation of their species, before they, once again go underground. This year they are joined by the crazy politicos. Ellos, también, must come out of their holes in the ground in order to guarantee their species survival en el D.F. So, amigos, I hope you have a lot of aguante from now till Noviembre.

The Election: The big “Chingones” will be President George Bush trying to defeat John Kerry for the Presidency. Y, si you don’t know who they are... pues, well George Bush is the big cacique from Tejas and a member of the Republican Party (the gringo PRIísta in gringolandia.) El Senador John Kerry es the Democrat) (del partido PANista del U S A). All the other candidatos on the ballot... are running just to see their names in the newspaper... No tienen a “chicas pata” chance of winning!

En Califas El Presidente George Bush (R) no tiene bastante support de los Votantes Mexican American para ganar el estado. The State is worth 55 Electoral Votes! In 1992 Bill Clinton (D) won the State. In 1996 Al Gore (D) beat Bush in Califas! But you know what happened in Florida where Los Cubanos played Castro politics and stole the election from Al Gore.

Raza Pols are predicting that 1.9 million Latinos will vote in Califas presidential election? Now, if we could only get the vote from all our compadres who cross la línea daily to work!

DID YOU KNOW THAT NEW MEXICO offers “driving permits to illegal immigrant? Hijole! Unfortunately, our movie star Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) repealed a similar law passed by former Governor Davis. Son puras papas that our movie star Guv is por la gente!

PREGUNTA: Did you know that there are now 11 states that do not require legal residency to obtain a drivers license? Que pendejada de los REPUBLICANOS. Even La Placa says que es a “todo dar.” “Motorist in those states now purchase car insurance and no longer flee the scene of an accident!

PREGUNTA: Where are all the Raza political organizations? Send Tezzy an E Mail at dlmunoz27@aol.com. Let me know if you are a todo dar or you gave up on politics!

Last recall election, Lt. Gov Cruz Bustamante wasted all his time going to community organizations seeking support for himself and Governor Davis. At the end he couldn’t even get enough staff for his own Fresno office to get out the vote! Pobrecito the whole world (at least the ChiPols) knew that community based groups cannot play politics with government public money. They will get defunded! (P.S. By the time of the recall MAPA statewide was a shell of its former self).

La Prensa San Diego never once was asked to meet with Señor Lt. Governor Bustamante or the Governor... With 30 thousand weekly circulation and another 70,000 on its weekly National World Wide WEB site...It could have helped! All that Indian Gambling money wasted... Such a shame.

Bueno, Ciao...hasta la próxima!

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