June 4, 2004

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood

Castañeda & Garibay Triumph in Tijuana

With beautiful weather and a crowd of nearly 7,000, the second corrida of the 2004 summer season was celebrated, last Sunday, in Plaza El Toreo de Tijuana. Facing bulls of Marcos Gárfias, mata-dores Rafael Ortega, Cesar Castañeda, and Ignacio Gara-bay offered an afternoon that coincided with the 55th anniversary of the taurine club Los Aficionados de Los Angeles. Present for the affair was renowned author Barnaby Con-rad and his wife, Mary.

Tijuana correspondent Gary Sloan reviewed the afternoon, as follows:


With his first bull, “Pardito”, at 465 kilos, Rafael Ortega wasn’t able to accomplish much, for the animal either had an injury or suffered a cramp, which impeded its style. Following a pic, Ortega placed three pairs of banderillas in the al cuarteo style. In the faena, Ortega performed well on both sides, but especially on the left. A low sword brought about a quick end and one ear was cut for the matador.

Ortega’s second bull was a dangerous manso, which Ortega handled professionally, but not triumphantly. Applause.


César’s first bull, “Marizeño,” which weighed 525 kilos, entered the ring, then jumped into the callejón. Later, Castañeda raised the crowd with a nice set of chicuelinas antiguas to the horse. The matador placed three nice pairs of sticks for which he was applauded. In the third act, the Tijuanense matador was good on the left and right, but settled for applause, following troubles with the sword.

Miel en Penca, 455 kilos, was Castañeda’s second bull, a very dangerous animal that showed plenty of sentido. Following some admirable cape work and the pics, the matador placed three superb pairs of banderillas. The faena, to both sides, was full of emotion and lots of close calls, because Castañeda has a habit of losing sight of the bull. After a full estocada, two ears were awarded.


With his first toro, “El Rey”, announced at 490 kilos, Ignacio had little success with the cape, but turned in a smooth third act on both sides. But, bad luck with the sword denied his winning any awards.

But, with his second bull, “Rumoroso” (466 kilos), Garibay let it all hang out, offering great work with the cape, followed by a wonderful third act. Quite frankly, one doesn’t frequently see Mexican toreo at this level. It was marvelous! Following a great sword placement, two deserved ears were awarded.

The next Tijuana corrida will be July 4. See you, there!


The great rejoneador Pablo Mermozo de Mendoza left on shoulders, following a grand triumph in a corrida of rejoneadores, last Sunday, in Córdoba, Spain. Facing bulls of Flores Tassara, four of which weighed in excess of 600 kilos—Luis Domecq was elegant and classical, but wasn’t able to register a triumph with either of his toros.

Hermoso de Mendoza’s first bull was manso and easily distracted. Nevertheless, the rejoneador was able to drag a triumph from the animal and cut one ear. He was even better with his second bull and won two ears.

Andy Cartagena was very professional with his first bull and was applauded. But, he returned to register a triumph with his second animal, winning one ear.


The great, retired matador Paco Camino is suffering hepatitis. His condition is described as “delicate.”


Mexican Matador “El Zotoluco” opened his Spanish campaign, last Sunday, in Plaza Las Ventas de Madrid, but without winning awards. Zotoluco demonstrated great valor and temple with the muleta to both sides, but injured a hand during a remate. He, nevertheless, stayed in the ring to dispatch the animal. His second bull was manso and the Aztec matador complied with it and was applauded.


This coming weekend, in San Antonio, Texas, bulls of Fred Renk’s “La Queréncia” ranch will be run for yankee matador David “El Texano” Renk and a yet unnamed matador in a bloodless affair that has attracted great publicity. The announcer and judge of the afternoon will be La Prensa San Diego taurine editor Lyn Sherwood.

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