June 4, 2004

San Ysidro Crime Ranks Top Ten in San Diego

Volunteer Ministers Say “Something Can Be Done About It”

According to the San Diego Police April 2004 Crime Statistics report, the San Ysidro area ranks 8th in violent crimes and 6th in property crimes, out of 119 San Diego areas. Lacking solutions, even the most ethical people grasp at straws that lead one to a life of crime and desperation.

One group of dedicated San Diego citizens banded together and are determined to show that “Something Can be Done About It.” Volunteer Ministers from the Church of Scientology spent this Memorial Day weekend volunteering at the “Cavalcade of Solutions.” Located in the busy San Ysidro Village, which is a hub for busy shoppers.

Housed in three huge yellow tents, the “Cavalcade of Solutions” is headed by Scientology Volunteer Ministers who, on a strictly volunteer basis, have committed to helping their fellow man. Humanitarian and educator, L. Ron Hubbard wrote more than 600 works and treatises during his life. Amongst these there are works dedicated to solving the most common concerns, such as the conflicts between couples, drug addiction, depression, lack of understanding between parents and their children, gang problems and even economic difficulties.

On Saturday, May 29th, the tent had its grand opening celebration with an official ribbon cutting ceremony with National City Councilman Luis Natividad and Minister Tukufu Kalonji, founder and Executive Director of the Serudj Institute of Effective Socialization. During the opening, in which Mariachi Chula Vista from the Chula Vista High School kicked off the festivities, Minister Kalonji said, “I think if we have people committed to volunteering like the Scientology Volunteer Ministers are, we would have less problems in our community, whether it’s gangbanging, drugs and alcohol, or prostitution.”

From its launch in the heart of San Ysidro, it will travel to Rancho Bernardo ALIVE Expo on June 6th. The Volunteer Minister Cavalcade has helped hundreds of thousands of people in more than 60 European cities and has now come to the United States.

“The Cavalcade of Solutions” is where anyone, no matter their ethnic or religious background, can obtain effective solutions for the concerns and problems they face in life.

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