June 4, 2004

Calaca Press imprint, Red CalacArts Publications, releases first book in Guerrilla Chapbook Series

¿Under What Bandera? makes an ofrenda against the war in Iraq.

Red CalacArts Publications, a Calaca Press imprint, is proud to announce the release of it’s first collection in the newly formed Guerrilla Chapbook Series:

¿Under What Bandera? Anti-War Ofrendas from Minnesota y Califas.

¿Under What Bandera? is a collaboration between poets from California’s Red CalacArts Collective and the Minnesota based writing group. Recognizing the need to oppose militarism these two arts activist organizations have teamed up to provide a collective shout out against U.S. aggression in the Middle East.

Dedicated to the lifework and memory of Nuyorican poet Pedro Pietri, ¿Under What Bandera? features poetry by Raymond R. Beltrán, Lupe Castillo, Lorena E. Duarte Q., Sara Rebeca Durán Garibay, Olga A. García, Brandon Lacy Campos, Emmanuel Ortiz, Teresa Ortiz, Victor Payan, and Mariajulia Arisiaga Urías. With cover art by Chicano Park muralist and Red CalacArtista Sal Barajas and Northland Poster Collective artist Ricardo Levins Morales.

From the Introduction:

“...The title of this collection, ¿Under What Bandera?, is a critical question more than a rhetorical one: Under what flag are today’s wars of empire and occupation being waged? Under what bandera do Latin@s and other people of color living in the U.S. kill and die in these wars?

Flags are symbols of nationhood, ideology, identity. But blind submission to flags and what these symbols represent reduce us to subjects. The title of our chapbook, then, is a challenge, a refusal to submit to wars (allegedly) fought in our names and for our benefits or security, with poor people of color as front-line cannon fodder, against other people of color in other parts of the world.

...The ten poets assembled here—five from Minnesota and five from California—represent a diverse array of experiences, backgrounds, and writing styles. The two participating visual artists also bring to this collaboration their unique visions.  Despite this, there is a connectedness we share. Regardless of being 2000 miles and two time zones apart, having no budget and little experience creating a chapbook of this nature, we have come together to form a collective testimony of resistance; these are our offerings, nuestras ofrendas...”

¿Under What Bandera? Anti-War Ofrendas from Minnesota y Califas ISBN 0-9717035-3-1 / 2004 / $7.00+ / Saddlestitched / 44 pages

To order ¿Under What Bandera? write a check or money order for $9.50 ($7.00 +$2.50 s/h) made out to Calaca Press and send to: Red CalacArts Publications

P.O. Box 620786, San Diego, Califas 92162.

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