June 2, 2000


MAPistas had a little shamoozal in the hinderlands. A table of locals were there. Judge due to rule this month just who is the Jefe of MAPA, and who has the right to the charter. We are all waiting breathlessly. Will the farmers from Fresno retain the books or will it shift to the ganga from Sacramento??? Lots at stake. Some want to sell out to Gore now! Others want to try out the Republican PUP tent!


Manny Aguilar, Pacific Bell Telephone Executive will be the Keynote Speaker at the June 24 LULAC 2000 Scholarship Awards Luncheons. Sally Lowery will be the Mistress of Ceremonies. Más después. If you are in a hurry for tickets call 423-5014... Manny is a hot item... tickets will go prontito! Besides they are only $20 bucks!


In case you're interested Union Hispana Newspaper will celebrate their 12th year in business. All you La Hermandad Mexicana folks come on down to Anaheim and join Bert Corona at the Anaheim West Coast Hotel for din-din and other stuff on June 16. Of course if Bert isn't enough of an attraction, I suppose you can come and swoon over Loretta Sanchez, CONGRESSWOMAN. She will have some sweet words of wisdom for you. Of course their tickets are a little bit more than LULACs ($100 per person!) Call 714-541-6007 ext. 243 and reserve your seat!


Couple of quick notes (give Tezzy a break... it's a short week) News Anchor Bree Walker is leaving KNSD-TV 7/39. Going home to care for her kiddies, business ventures and I suspect just to get out of the rat race. By, by Bree, always enjoyed you on the tube!


"El Rey del Timbal" Tito Fuente has passed away. For more than 50 years Tito brought us pleasure. The five time Grammy Award winner leaves a vast hole in the music scene that will be hard to fill.


PREGUNTA: If Padre owner, John Moores can give millions to State College and other assorted beggars why does he have to send his `bagman," Larry Lucchino to try and rip off money from the taxpayers to pay for their privately owned Baseball stadium?? If the Padre stadium was such a hot property how come a shrewd businessman like John doesn't pay for it with his pocket change??? What does Mr. John Moores have against the citizens of San Diego???????


PREGUNTA: If Anthony Alvarado, Chancellor of Instruction for San Diego City Schools is so opposed to Title 1 Funds and he recommends to Superintendent Allan Bersin that they lay off 600 Title 1 Teacher Aides... why was he in Anaheim at the Marriott Hotel, on May 24, speaking before the "Achieving Schools Conference" sponsored by the California Department of Education Title 1 Committee of Practitioners singing the high praises of TITLE 1 FUNDS when he just gutted the San Diego Unified School District Title 1 programs????? Dear Anthony was the Keynoter no less!! Always thought New Yorkers couldn't be trusted. Deep throats at the conference were amazed at his two face presentation!


Bueno gente, it has been a long weekend honoring our fallen Veterans who have died in all of our wars. Contrary from what KUSI TV Channel 9 thinks, Mexican Americans and all other Latinos have lost too many of their family members fighting America's wars to take Memorial Day lightly. The reporter can be said to be stupid in his racist observations but how about the management??? An apology for inept reporting "on air" might clear the air a little. Depends on what is said.

Chao... TEZZY.

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