June 2, 2000

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KUSI Airs Racist Slant on Memorial Day

At 10:00 p.m. Memorial Day KUSI Channel-51 carried a story on Memorial Day about the sad fact that our "youth" do not know why Memorial Day is a national holiday (I agree with the premise but was indignant about the tone of the story).

The video setting is at a San Diego beach; bathing suits, sun, surf, sun-bathing, etc. About 4 or 5 young people are interviewed. Youth 1 is a High-School senior (young lady), who giggles but does not know. Youth 2 (a younger male student), also does not know and states, "his teacher told us but he was not listening" (grinning as he shares this). KUSI then interjects that SOME OF OUR YOUTH DO KNOW THE MEANING and the video pans to youth 3, who of course, answers correctly. KUSI then interjects again, stating that still other youths "EVEN KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN VETERAN'S DAY AND MEMORIAL DAY," Youths 4 & 5 are the show in the same video clip answering correctly. The source of my indignation is that the first two youths are both LATINOS! All the rest are Anglos, blonde-haired, and at least two are blue-eyed.

I resent the implied message that Latinos do not know nor appreciate the significance of Memorial Day. I can assure KUSI that I DO, as do other members of my family, friends and relatives. Latinos and other minorities have been represented in WWI, WWII, KOREA, VIETNAM and DES-ERT STORM!

The story closes with a video clip of a young, black child playing in the sand, and (KUSI) saying something to the effect that "Some of our young people do understand the meaning of Memorial Day."

Frank J. Mezta Jr.
Oceanside, Ca.

(Comment: And that Señor Mezta is one reason, KUSI is never tuned on in our household. It is one of the most insensitive stations, aside from KOGO RADIO in the San Diego region. On the other hand, the local main newspaper, the U/T carried on its' front page, on Memorial Day, a story of a dog, a wife, and her husband fighting over the dog! Memorial Day was buried somewhere in the "B" Section. I'm sure that 50 zillion veterans were insulted by the total disregard for their comrades-in-arms.)

Reader Seeks Information

Would you have any historical information about this Revolutionary War Battle, (Battle of Fort San Carlos), the only one fought West of the Mississippi, in St. Louis (MO)? FYI our office building stands on what I am told is the exact site, in downtown St. Louis.

Don Ballentine
Ph. 800-825-4850 X8102

(Don't have any info on hand... But all that area was under the rule of Spain during the Revolutionary war. And as you know, Spain played a major role in driving England out of the Country. Perhaps some of our readers have information of use to you.)

A Must Read For Chicanos/Latinos Now Middle Class

Many former Chicano activists, through lack of political maintenance have become `political pochos'! They learned the basics of Chicano studies, its language, but have not advanced beyond a cultural level. They identify with the culture, but not the political dimensions of culture.

Over time, they begin to think about the barrio as a justification for their entitlements. Notions such as the transformation of the barrio become alien to their political vocabulary. A must read for you is Rudy Acuña's The making of a Political Pocho.

Jesus M. Garcia

(Unfortunately our editors or reviewers have not received review copy of Professor Acuña's new book. We can't therefore tell you anything about it. Acuña is a Professor at Northridge State University in San Fernando, Ca.)

Governor Davis Tries To Pay off Teachers

I guess it's time for Governor Davis to pay off the California Teachers' Union for their support in his election. Considering the lack of benefits that teachers have, other than holidays, weekends, summer, winter, and spring breaks, free pensions, free medical, and guaranteed employment/tenure. I can see why they deserve to be tax-exempt. After all, government schools are doing such a fine job of TEACHING THESE DAYS, right?

Who pays the teacher salaries? Oh yeah, just us hard working taxpayers.

Larry Rosner
Santee, Ca.

Lets' get a New York Library for Susan Golding

Proponents, as justification for spending $120 million in public funds for a new library, argue that all great cities have wonderful libraries. They frequently use New York's Public Library as an example. What they don't know (or aren't saying) is that the New York library was funded from PRIVATE SOURCES!

Like a child obsessed about a particular new toy, they insist we have to have a new library! Yet, they can't explain why a fortune in tax dollars should be spent for little more than a downtown, doomed monument (you know for whom)! Proponents think it is wonderful!

What is the actual need? What happened to the vote Mayor Golding promised (not to spend any money without voter approval)? No money should be spent on anything just because someone thinks it would be "wonderful".

If the proponents think it's "wonderful" to spend $120 million for a downtown monument... Let them build it with their own money, just like in New York!

Edward M. Teyssier
San Diego

(Well said Sir!)

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