June 2, 2000


California Chicanos Mobilize Against Arizona Vigilantes

Chicanos who thought their days of protesting, on the streets of America were over, had a very rude awaking when a cry for help came from the dusty streets of the Tucson, Arizona barrios. Incredibly, vigilantism has broken out along the Arizona-Sonora border. Armed vigilantes have taken it upon themselves to hunt down and apprehend immigrants at the Arizona/Sonora border.

It was a call to arms for the veteranos of the California Chicano Movimiento who had fought long and hard along the San Diego-Tijuana border to stop the victimization of the undocumented who were induced to travel "al Norte" to work in the fields of California's agricultural fields. Racist armed vigilantes from the Arizona border lands have taken it upon themselves to usurped the rule of law and have taken it upon themselves to control our borders. But then who could expect any less from people who still believe they are living in the wild and woolly West of the 1800's.

Armando Navarro sounded the clarion call to the veteranos to one more time come to the defense of the undocumented. The Coalición de Derechos Humanos (The Coalition of Human Rights) has been called into being from the heartland of Southern California, Los Angeles, Fresno, and San Diego. The leadership of the coalition came to Riverside to lay the strategy to confront this new menace to our rights as human beings.

Because of the severity and volatility of the situation, the newly formed coalition immediately asked the Hispanic Congressional Caucus to intervene in this matter before it came to bloodshed. This morning (Friday) the new Coalition along with the Arizona contingent and representatives of the Congress will hold a combined meeting at Armory Park in Tucson to develop a united effort to resolve the crisis. "We have asked the U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno to intervene along with the Clinton Administration. In addition we have petitioned the Arizona Attorney General to investigate the vigilantes and charge them with aggravated assaults with deadly weapons, kidnapping and false imprisonment," stated Armando Navarro, Riverside, Ca.

This time the ugly side of America will be paraded across the television screens of every country in the world. The difference between these attacks against the human rights of Latinos and Mexicans is that today's Raza is wired to the world wide Internets. They will now be able to bring the events to the attention of the American people and the world, what is occurring in America.

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