June 2, 2000

Latin Beat to Air on BET TV

BET on Jazz, pioneer of Jazz on television, has entered into an agreement Vice President of Original Programming And New Media for the Jazz Channel, Mr. Waymer Johnson with Mr. Chiqui Rodriguez and Nettie Brito, two renowned Dominican producers of music and television and Executives of "El Punto Del Jazz" Productions, to produce a Latin show called "LATIN BEAT."

The agreement between Mr. Johnson and the producers stemmed from the need of this network to expand the availability of Latin music in its programming in response to the great demand that exists for this music genre. Another factor that played a key role in this agreement is the vast experience that Mr. Rodriguez and Ms. Brito bring to this network. They have been directly involved with Latin music for more than twenty years; not to mention their commitment to support this music as it crosses new frontiers.

Unlike other television shows, LATIN BEAT, as its name indicates is a program solely dedicated to Latin rhythms in general, featuring artists not only from Latin America, but also from other nationalities who are to some degree involved in this music genre. The show has a one-hour duration and it consists of music videos and recorded live performances that are introduced via voice over spoken in English. It airs on BET on Jazz on Wednesdays and Fridays at 1:00 pm and 9:00 pm, Tuesdays at 6:00 pm on BET International and Fridays at 3:00 am eastern on BET.

It's no secret that the network's broadcasting coverage is spread throughout several parts of the world. This is an obvious indication of the viewing potential of LATIN BEAT, which is already one of the best-rated shows on this amazing network.

Mr. Rodriguez is also highly versed on the world of Jazz, which has won him a spot on the network's regular production roster to collaborate with other Jazz programs. In fact, he recently traveled to Miami on a BET on Jazz assignment to produce a series of shows with a highly acclaimed Grammy winner; Cuban Trumpeter and Percussionist Arturo Sandoval. The shows will be transmitted on BET On Jazz, parallel with an HBO movie on his life.

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