July 30 2004

Que paso??? The Chicano Democratic Association (CDA) endorsed a staunch Republican over a Democrat in local School Board race? Seems that Matt Camarillo, president of the CDA, acted on his own. Local Demos wondering what the payoff was?? Camarillo on the hot seat. The endorsement is probably going to be reversed. (something about their bylaws forbidding endorsements of non-Demos.) Four years of Bush and some folks still can’t seem to tell the difference between a Democrat and a Republican!

PREGUNTA: Isn’t it time for Camarillo to go back to something he can do...Like making hamburgers?

The CDA (or what passes for it) endorsed Luis Acle (R) over Ben Hueso (D). MAPA also endorsed Acle. The chisme is that Hueso is too much of a toady to the Inzunza clan. The former Chicanos (the Inzunzas ) no longer command any respect in our communities. Hueso is telling everyone that will listen there are no ties. But if you walk like a duck and talk like a duck….You gotta be a PATO!

PREGUNTA: Just who belongs to MAPA OR THE CDA? Fyi EL Jefito of La Prensa San Diego founded CDA and he doesn’t know who the members are if any.

Pearl Quiñones in for a tough reelection brawl. La Gente say she is seen as someone that can be had. Names being bounced around to challenge Quiñones are Bertha Lopez school board member of CV elementary, Lorenzo Provencio, Stan Canaris to name a few. La Gente are tired of the troika of Griego, Sandoval & Quiñones. The pundits think it time that school board members have little more backbone and stand up to Superintendent Ed Brand!.

With Mary Salas out of the race for Griego’s seat (Sweetwater Board of Trustees) new names are coming out the woodwork to challenge for this seat. Among them is Eduardo Valerio. Don’t know him? El Jefito doesn’t know him either! Not a surprise, he isn’t exactly a grassroots type of person, more along the lines of a wheeler/dealer. Been bragging, he can raise $50,000 and win the seat. Maybe, maybe not, school board races have always been about the little guy, grassroots’ connections.

PREGUNTA: With little change in the Sweetwater School District and its aging plant, questions now arising as to what happen to all the Bond money to build and repair the Sweetwater school District? On the hot seat is Sweetwater Super, Ed Brand. Pos es tiempo for a new Superintendent?

Been watching the Democratic convention hoping to see the role California’s Raza played at the Democratic Convention. Well if you missed the first day then you missed the Hispanic presence. Que lastima. The first day of the convention is where they put the minor BURROCRATS. Kind of like paying back a favor but not really giving them any real role. We like to call it Tokenism!. They got their face in front of the television cameras but not much else. No viewers to speak of. Most of the speakers were de Los Angeles. They did their best...Pues ya saben .sometimes they jus don’t give us any respect!

PREGUNTA: The California Country Democratic Party of San Diego sent 34 Delegates to the Convention. Rene Cortes, Gloria Martes , Ernie Barrera were the only Raza names on the list. Delegate Gracia Molina de Pick served as bilingual press contact at the convention. Guess who still isn’t invited to the dinner table!

P.S. if you want to say a few short words to the elected chair of the San Diego Democratic Party call Jess Durfee (Party Chairman) at 858-277-3367. Los deben!

Pase Lo Que Pase: Vice President Candidate John Edwards gave a “Heads up Address” at the Convention. Mucho animo! God this man will be a super Vice President! Not to be outdone, the Rev. Al Sharpton in his emotional driven speech brought the conventioneers to their feet. Sorry the speech by John Kerry, candidate for President will be delivered tonight. We go to press to early to hear it. Sorry, But what I have heard so far “He’s de Man” to turn the White House back into a source of Pride ....

Adios for now

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