July 29, 2005


Donna Frye Top Vote Getter for Mayor of San Diego!

It’s a Democrat Versus a Republican in Runoff Election

Councilwoman Donna Frye was the top vote getter, out of eleven candidates, who chose to run against her, to replace former Mayor Dick Murphy, who had resigned his seat as Mayor of America’s finest City, San Diego!

Mayoral candidate Frye received 43.3 % of the votes cast while her closest opponent, former San Diego Police Chief, Jerry Sanders received 27% of the votes cast. The remainder of the votes cast, were spread out amongst the other nine candidates, of which Steve Francis managed to get 23.5% of the vote, after having spent over two million dollars in his bid to win the election! The other eight candidates split the 6.2% of the remaining vote between them. Unfortunately, in order to win the election outright, Mrs. Frye would have had to receive 50% plus 1of the votes cast. The top two vote getters, Donna Frye and Jerry Sanders, will be rematched in the November 8, 2005 election.

Will the City of San Diego survive not having a duly elected Mayor in office? Of course it will. We already have a temporary Mayor, Toni Atkins-Council Woman District 3, and the city’s business is still under the tutelage of a city manager – for the time being.

Will the City survive with former City Councilman Ralph Inzunza-(Dist- 8) and City Councilman Michel Zucchet-(Dist. 2) also not being in their seats? They just resigned from their Council Seats after being found guilty of Wire Fraud Conspiracy, Corruption and Extortion? An election to fill their empty seats in the City Council will soon be held. Can we survive with them not being in their Council seats? I guess so! It appears, that while they sat in their seats, they were very busy taking care of their Las Vegas Strip Club owners and not taking care of the City or its residents (No money in that!). At any rate, we still have six sitting Councilpersons carrying out the business of the City.

Not to worry San Diego residents. We, the Latinos, Mexican Americans, Hispanic, Filipinos, Asians, and Blacks have had to survive being ignored, unserved, and neglected since the City was taken over from being a part of Mexico (Spain etc) and placed under Yankee control. We are used to surviving with little help from our governing bodies. We are neglected, ignored, mistreated, and told repeatedly, that we should all go back to Mexico, Spain, Philippines, China, Viet Nam, Africa, and Korea, among other places... If we can take it so can you!

Are we bitter? Sure, in some ways. But then, we go to our Barrios and families, to be greeted with a big hug and a kiss from our wives, children, grandchildren …We look into their brown, blue, and/or green eyes and we see the future of America as we realize that we the minorities are providing the crucial genetic mix and are in truth helping create the real AMERICAN. Some day, we will become a separate race different from all others! And, we probably will still be having human problems in governance.

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