July 27, 2001


Peligro Güeros! Once the children of Cortez y la Melinchi have taken all they can, the JAGUAR Warriors will rise in fury against the oppressors. They can only take so much. Their homes (jacales) are being taken away to build a ballpark. Their familias are once again being victimized by the insatiable greed of the Güeros. The real Padres of La Conquista would not destroy your homes and land to play beisball! The war drums are sounding but neither the Mayor, the City Council, nor the silver-hungry PADRE Barons hears them. They too will have their Noche Triste!


TEZZY took the time to check out "Las Playas" de San Diego during Los Días Calientes (the hot days). Ni modo, won't happen again! Too many Zonnies, Easterners, Tijuanenses, & Angel-inos taking up our limited beach/sand space (Courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce). There is NO (Nada) parking available unless you arrive at 5 in la mañana, no place to put your grill and cook some burgers. You can't even have a cool one without fear of La Placa dragging you off to the slammer. On top of it all, your chamacos run the danger of drowning in the muck-infested waters (thanks to the City's broken sewer lines), and drowning due to the shortage of salvavidas! Chispas, welcome to America's Finest City!


Tom Lavaut, former Chair of the County Democratic Central Committee, came down from the mountaintop (Idyllwild) to visit with friends, family, and disillusioned democrats. Met with El Jefito at Tío Leos to chat over the sad status of the Democratic Party in San Diego County. We figure two more years of G.W. Bush, and the country will be looking for another Kennedy or Truman. Nice seeing you Tom.


Ricardo D. Stanton-Sal-azar is a local Hommie from SouthView, a Barrio of San Diego. Now Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education at the Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California (USC). Just sent El Jefe his seminal work "Manufacturing Hope and Despair; The School and Kin Support Networks of U.S.-Mexican Youth," for review. Dr. Salazar is another outstanding example of the caliber and outstanding quality of nuestra gente.


In case you are bored and need something to do during these hot summer days here are a few things going on:

27 July: San Diego Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Monthly Mixer (call 619-702-0790)

28 July: NLPOA annual Lobster Run (call Juan at 619-424-0213)

3 Sept: Latino Labor Day Event sponsored by SOFA (Call 619-977-1476).


Have fun y hasta la otra....


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