July 26 2002

DNC Chairman McAuliffe Establishes Hispanic Business Council to Strengthen Commitment with Latino Community

Washington, D.C. - Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Terry McAuliffe today announced the creation of the Hispanic Business Council (HBC) in support of the Democratic Party’s continued commitment to the issues that matter the most to the Hispanic community. Hispanic professionals, business leaders and prominent community leaders joined Chairman McAuliffe and members of the DNC’s Hispanic Outreach Project in a golf outing event in Clifton, Virginia to officially kick-off this groundbreaking initiative.

“With the creation of the HBC, we are continuing to build on the long-standing bond between our Party and the Hispanic Community,” said DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe. “We have never taken the Hispanic vote for granted. By launching the HBC, we are proving yet again that our commitment to the Hispanic community goes beyond slick marketing campaigns and empty rhetoric.”

HBC members are drawn from a dynamic group of Hispanic professionals, business leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs and community leaders who represent a wide array of business and corporate groups across the nation - all committed to advancing the ideals and values of the Democratic Party and the Hispanic Community.

“The Hispanic Business community is a growing, emerging powerful force in every aspect of American society,” said Representative Bob Menendez, Honorary Chair of the HBC and Vice Chair of Democratic Caucus. “By creating the HBC, Chairman McAuliffe and the DNC are leading the way in recognizing Hispanics as both voters and investors in the Democratic Party.”

Under the direction of Ivan Zapien, Executive Director of the HBC, the HBC aims to support the DNC’s Hispanic Outreach project and to encourage and strengthen past, present, and future Hispanic investments in the DNC. Some of the specific programs HBC will support include voter registration, mobilization, and education, as well as an aggressive media campaign.

“I commend Chairman McAuliffe and the Party for embracing our values and our culture,” said Miguel Lausell, Chair of the HBC. “The HBC will provide an excellent opportunity for our community to show its political muscle and growing influence in the political, cultural and economic future of this country.”

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