July 23 2004

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Buen Articulo

Buen articulo sobre el general Sanchez de mi colega cervantista Mariscal (“The Mexican American General and Abu Ghraib” By Jorge Mariscal. Published July 16,2004)

Maria Eugenia Mayer
Avance (La Nueva Era)

A closed border equals better wages

re: Wages among Hispanic workers not increasing (Published July 9, 2004)

  The fact that there are 13 million illegal aliens in the country, not only reduces their wages, but also reduces wages for all unskilled and entry-level workers. Until we stop the flow of illegals from coming into the country, we will never stop the reduced wages to these blue-collar workers, because their employers have a constant supply of ready and willing people who will work for slave wages, hurting other immigrants and natives, as well.

The “open-border” coalition consists of pro-immigrant advocates, cheap-labor employers, vote-hungry politicians and even the labor unions, who find the quest for new members exceeds the benefits of their existing members. 

Byron Slater
San Diego

A call for Help

Dear Friends: I just recieved a call from Sergio Martinez who is now working for EMOP and AFSC, replacing Juan Ramon. He is concerned about the desesperate conditions in the Del Mar camps. These men are extremely isolated, little work with very few resources. WE ARE IT!! Since Juan has not been working the camps for the last few months, things are in terrible sharp. I am asking for immediate help with food, water, clothes, hats, hygiene aids,blankets and money. The 99 cent store is THE place to pick up many of these items. Call me if you have some other ideas or want to volunteer.

Spanish speakers are always needed. WE NEED TO ACT NOW SO THAT SOME RELIEF CAN BE PROVIDED TO THESE MEN. You are all so generous with your time and gifts but I must ask for your help again. Please take any donations to Pilgrim church at 2020 Chestnut, Carlsbad, 760 729-6311 or call me on my cell 619 709-9803 or home 760 942-9401. Sergio can be reached on his cell in Spanish at 619 250-0838. I can arrange to pick up donations. Checks and cash are ALWAYS a good thing. Please pass this message on to your friends and collegues who can help too.

Barbara Perrigo
Ecumenical Outreach Program

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