Volume XXVIII Number 29 July 23, 2004

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Hispanic Verterans Still Serving, Giving Final Respect to Fellow Veterans

By Katia Lopez-Hodoyan

Amidst a field full of tombstones, Lalo Rodriguez stands proud in his battle field uniform, polished black shoes and airborne barrette. His fingers hold a tight grip on a folded U.S flag moments before he offers it to the family of a fallen veteran he never knew. The latter makes no difference though. If the deceased fought and served during his lifetime, in some sense they did know each other as only fellow veterans can. This undisputable bond shared among veterans motivated Rodriguez to form the Hispanic American Airborne Association in 1991 so that any veteran in the San Diego area could have a proper and traditional military burial at the time of their passing. For 13 years, members of the HAAA have volunteered their time and devotion into organizing burials that pay their respects to veterans from any war, be it World War II, Vietnam or Korea. Even though over a decade filled with services have come and gone, members acknowledge that every ceremony is unique, touching and special in its own way. Just like the life of the recognized veteran.

Lalo Rodriguez prepares to present the American Flag. File Photo

“I’m not used to funerals,” said Rodriguez. “To this day I can’t see the recipient of the U.S flag in the eyes. It’s too much. I’ll start crying… I just stare at their forehead.”

More than 50 years have passed since Rodriguez and Al Gonzales [member of HAAA] fought in Korea. Not surprisingly though, their memories of the war, both good and bad are as vivid and clear as can be. Freezing temperatures, steep hills and mountains, sleepless nights and chaos filled with gunshots, grenades and screams completed eleven months in the battlefield. A true appreciation of life, discipline and life saving camaraderie also emerged.

At times the temperature were so unbearably cold that Gonzales recalls when he had to hold his comrades feet under his armpits so he wouldn’t get frost bite and succumb to hostile fire.

Now in their 70’s Gonzales and Rodriguez remember with a smirk in their face, when they were about 19 years old. Young and filled with life and dreams, they both recall their oozing desire to go to Korea and serve their country. A heartfelt goal prompted with the yearning desire to win medals, become heroes and receive recognition. Notions that were laced with the naïve and invincible perception of youth.

Pesticide use against West Nile virus needs more study
By Alexandre Da Silva
WASHINGTON – More studies are needed on the health-risks linked with pesticides used against mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus and on their effectiveness, a panel of experts said Friday.

Cultura y Opresión Indígena
Por primera vez, indígenas de México y Estados Unidos discutieron aspectos que afectan su situación social actual durante un importante simposio
Por Eduardo Stanley
FRESNO, CA — Aproximadamente 100 Otomíes, Mixtecos, Zapotecos, Catúas, Mayos, Purépechas, Monos, Comanches, Náhuatls, Yakis, Chipúas, Orepegos, Keetowahs, Paiutes, Chumasas, Hochuaks, Navajos, Apaches y otros, se congregaron para dialogar sobre “Cultura y Desarrollo” y “Territorio y Movilidad”, los días  10 y 11 de julio en Fresno, convocados por el Instituto Pan Valley (PVI) del Comité de Servicios de Amigos Americanos y el Frente Indígena Oaxaqueño Binacional (FIOB). Esta convocatoria reunió a destacados líderes indígenas y tomó varios meses de cuidadosa preparación.

Culture and Oppression of Indigenous People
Representatives of indigenous groups from Mexico and the United States gathered for the first time at a groundbreaking symposium to discuss issues affecting their current social situation.
By Eduardo Stanley
FRESNO, CA — Approximately 100 representatives of the Otomí, Mixtec, Zapotec, Catúa, Mayo, Purépecha, Mono, Comanche, Náhuatl, Yaki, Chipúa, Orepago, Keetowah, Paiute, Chumasa, Hochuak, Navajo, and Apache tribes, among others, met on July 10 and 11 in Fresno to discuss the issues of “Culture and Development” and “Territory and Mobility.” The meeting was called by the Pan Valley Institute (PVI) of the American Friends Service Committee (AFCS) in conjunction with the Frente Indígena Oaxqueño Binacional (FIOB, a bi-national organization of indigenous peoples residing in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico and in the United States). The call for participation -the result of several months of careful preparation- culminated in this gathering of well-known and respected indigenous and Native American leaders.

Letter From Puertecitos: Gauging The Next Gringoland Rush
By John Fleming
PUERTECITOS, Mexico —Down from the big cities of coastal California, across the green floor of the Imperial Valley, through the traffic-choked border town of Mexicali and beyond the pan-fired desert of the upper Baja lies the Sea of Cortez, a sometimes torrid, always turquoise arm of water that reaches up from the Pacific almost to scratch the belly of Arizona.


English/Spanish Language Rift Within Latino Media Community
A report released by a well-regarded Latino policy group concludes that Nielsen Media Research may in fact be undercounting Latino TV viewers and “certainly has” in the past.

California’s Unions Elect First Woman President
Connie Leyva Was Leader Of Grocery Strike
The California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO elected its first woman president, Connie M. Leyva.

“Exposing The Rave” Campaign Reaches the Border
Angie Foust had heard about rape and date rape drugs. However, she thought if someone tried to sexually assault her, she would be able to do something to prevent it. She couldn’t.
In August 2000, Foust was drugged and raped by a former high school friend, believed to have given her a high dose of GHB (Gamma-hydrozy-butyrate), a fast acting central nervous system depressant that rendered Foust incapable of resisting the assault.

Nuevo Informe de la Asociación de Alzheimer Pronostica que el Indice de Esta Enfermedad Aumentará en un 600 por Ciento Entre los Hispanos y Latinos Para el Año 2050
Se anticipa que la enfermedad de Alzheimer y las demencias relacionadas con esta enfermedad aumentarán más de seis veces sobre sus niveles actuales entre los hispanos y latinos en Estados Unidos durante la primera mitad del siglo 21, esto según un nuevo informe publicado hoy por la Asociación de Alzheimer (Alzheimer’s Association, por su nombre en inglés). Este aumento significa que 1,3 millones de hispanos y latinos sufrirán de la enfermedad de Alzheimer para el año 2050, en comparación a los menos de 200.000 que viven con esta enfermedad en la actualidad.

Welcome Back Program Offers Orientation for International Medical Graduates Program in Vista
In an effort to assist international medical graduates (IMGs) advance their health careers, and to provide critically needed healthcare workers in local communities, Grossmont College’s Welcome Back Program has established a working partnership with Vista Adult School Administration and Vista Community Clinic.  International medical graduates interested in future careers as medical assistants are invited to an orientation Saturday, July 31st at Vista Adult School located at 305 E. Bobier Drive, Vista, California 92084, 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 Noon. return to underserved and underrepresented communities as bilingual-bicultural health-care providers and help increase medical access.

Por Robin Davis; traducida al Español por Karina Hurley
Lupus: Mitos y Realidades
Existe una enfermedad debilitadora entre nuestra comunidad que pone a las mujeres Hispanas en doble riesgo de contraerla. Esta enfermedad puede causar inflamación, ligera sensibilidad y dolor en el pecho. No se trata del SIDA, o alguna forma de cáncer, es una enfermedad que tal vez no conozcas o de la cual no hayas oído hablar mucho -el lupus.

Mitz Lee, SDCS school board candidate, opens Filipino-Americans United office in National City
By Vina M. Phelps
NATIONAL CITY — Jay and Dr. Ceferina Ruiz will host a barbecue fundraiser on July 24, 2004, 11:00-2:00 p.m. at the Ruiz business building on 8th St. in National City to kick off the Filipino-Americans United for Mitz Lee’s all-out support to the candidacy of Mitz Lee for the Board of Education - San Diego Unified School District in the November 2 elections.

Tijuana Will Have An International Peace Park
A San Diego-based non-profit group begins building this week a special park to focus on international cooperation. The park, to be called Tijuana Pacific Rim Park, will be built during the next four weeks by a group of architecture students from Mexico, Russia, China, and the U.S., working under the supervision of renowned San Diego artist James Hubbell. Mr. Hubbell is known in Tijuana for his design of Colegio La Esperanza

Consumer Action está advirtiendo a los consumidores que se protejan del fraude de transferencias de dinero ya que los procedimientos de seguridad en México pueden ser inadecuados. La comunidad Latina en los Estados Unidos envía miles de millones de dólares a familiares en México todos los años a través de compañías de envío de dinero.  

Pensar Con Originalidad y Creatividad
Por Diana A. Gómez
Él habito de pensar y crear en acción positiva hace mirar alrededor de la vida en forma maravillosa, los resultados serán mágicos. La energía positiva cura, realza la vida viviendo en armonía y paz.

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It is tough being an Optimist in these trying times
As the line in the Porgy and Bess opera goes “Summertime and the livin’ is easy” and that is the way it should be. Family vacations, treks to the beach, a day at the ball park, and hardly a care in the world. Summer is a time to let go a bit and take a few weeks to enjoy the fruits of our labors, a time to relax.

U.S. Navy Stonewalled by San Diego Leadership
In the rush to cater to the hotel industry, the Chamber of Commerce, the football and baseball interests, the Eastern corporate interest, the entertainment interests, etc, etc, the Leadership of San Diego has ignored our most important commitment to our city, state and country: The nation’s Naval and Marine forces.

Latino Who Doesn’t Speak Spanish
Como se dice, What?...
By Al Carlos Hernandez
A teacher once told me, “You Spanish kids don’t know nothing”.

The Man Behind The Curtain
By John Prados
Sen. Pat Roberts, the Kansas Republican who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee that last week issued a massive report on its investigation into the prewar intelligence on Iraq, told us on July 14 that, if President George W. Bush had been given accurate intelligence information on Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction, “I don’t think the president would have said that military action is justified right now.” A week ago, in releasing the Senate’s investigative report, Roberts replied, “I don’t know,” when asked if Congress would have approved the Iraq war had it had the knowledge of the intelligence reporting that we have today. The latest sally is an attempt to excuse President Bush as the victim of CIA phony threat-mongering. But the implication that President Bush, absent the Iraqi weapons, would not have gone after Saddam is false. The record of the months before the war and other data shows Bush’s intent quite clearly. The Senate Intelligence Committee report adds even more to that record.

“Fahrenheit 9/11” trae problemas para Linda Ronstadt
Por Lourdes Davis
La agencia noticiosa ABC informó que la cantante Linda Ronstadt fue escoltada fuera del Hotel/Casino Aladdin en Las Vegas, Nevada, casi al final de su concierto, por haberse atrevido a mostrar su apoyo por el documental de Michael Moore “Fahrenheit 9/11”.

El Buzón del Capitolio: ¡California Necesita el Presupuesto, Ya!
Por Dr. Humberto Caspa
Los altercados verbales están duros en el Capitolio de Sacramento. Los demócratas, decididos a proteger el Presupuesto sin ningún tipo de adiciones, se pusieron a la defensiva. Mientras tanto, los Republicanos, nuevamente unidos con el gobernador Schwarzenegger, quién había estado extraviado firmando acuerdos con los demócratas y dirigentes locales, ahora empiezan a mostrar los colmillos.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
Buen Articulo
Buen articulo sobre el general Sanchez de mi colega cervantista Mariscal (“The Mexican American General and Abu Ghraib” By Jorge Mariscal. Published July 16,2004)

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La otra cara de la loca
Maria Conchita Alonso lanza nueva producción discográfica y humanitaria

Por Jose Daniel Bort
Este año Maria Conchita Alonso celebra sus veinte años en Hollywood. Fue justamente en el verano de 1984 cuando el mundo cono-ció a la picara y disciplinada cubana y criada en Venezuela, capaz de expresarse a niveles de protagonista en un lenguaje que apenas dos años atrás no podía hablar, el ingles.

Sixth Annual ¡Viva El Mariachi! Festival Set For Sunday, August 15 — Tickets on Sale Now
“A Mariachi Serenade by the Bay”
The Sixth Annual ¡Viva El Mariachi! Festival brings to San Diego an unforgettable “Mariachi Serenade by the Bay,” a gala concert under the stars featuring four world-class mariachi groups, colorful ballet folklorico, trick roping exhibition, and fireworks display, on Sunday, August 15, beginning at 6 p.m. at Embarcadero Park South, just off of Harbor Drive, behind the San Diego Convention Center.

Se Cimbran Nuevamente las Filas Andistas de la Asociación Nacional de Actores
Por: Paco Zavala
Los actores afiliados a la Asociación Nacional de Actores, nuevamente se ven envueltos en otro escándalo, en una promoción de los actores Evangelina Elizondo y Ernesto Gómez Crúz.

¡Qué mala es Gatúbela!
Halle Berry se hunde tratando de sacar las garras en Catwoman
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Catwoman es exactamente lo que los últimos predecesores de su género han tratado de evitar: una historia relamida con personajes bi-dimensionales, enrevesados momentos en la trama y un exceso de efectos especiales que molestan más que atrapan la atención del público.

Realizan Diversos Actos en la Ciudad de Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
Dentro de las festividades que se han organizado en la ciudad de Tijuana, para conmemorar el 115 aniversario de su fundación, se cuenta con la culminación de la Sexta Semana Taurina 2004 para este fin de semana.

1542 – Native American Indians Encounter Europeans
The Cabrillo National Monument Foundation (CNMF) and VIRCO Enterprises to present The Voyage of Cabrillo, a one-act portrayal of Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo’s historic voyage of exploration of the Pacific coast in 1542-1543. The season began Sunday, July 18, 2004 and will continue until Saturday, October 2, 2004. All performances will take place in the visitor center auditorium at Cabrillo National Monument and performance times are Sunday afternoons at 12:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
La original y fascinante voz de Deborah Davis and a Few Good Men, se presentarán en concierto el próximo domingo 8 de agosto de 2004 a las 5:00 pm. en la Explanada del Centro Cultural Tijuana, complementa ésta presentación artística el grupo Dat’z Jazz. La entrada a este concierto es absolutamente gratuita. Prepárese para que asista con su familia y se divierta escuchando a estos extraordinarios artistas. Este evento es promovido por el consulado de los Estados Unidos en Tijuana y el Centro Cultural Tijuana.

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood
Who Won The Mano-A-Mano in Tijuana?
Two of the hottest matadores in México are Eulalio López “El Zotoluco” and Rafael Ortega. The two of them came together, last Sunday in El Toreo de Tijuana for a mano-a-mano, facing bulls of Santiago.

Mexicans mourn catastrophic exit
By Miguel Gutierrez
On a cloudy morning, the disheartened Mexicans got up feeling disappointed because of the defeat of their country at the hands of Brazil, in the Copa América Peru 2004.

México llora su catastrófica eliminación
Por Miguel Gutierrez
En medio de una mañana brumosa y nublada, los mexicanos se levantaron con el ánimo por los suelos y la decepción a flor de piel tras la derrota de la selección de su país ante Brasil en la Copa América de fútbol de Perú 2004.

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