July 22, 2005

National City Middle School Dominates Once Again

Once again National City Middle School dominated the Exploratory Technology category at the San Diego County Fair with 31 awards, topping last year’s total of 25 awards, with 16 First Place awards; eight 2nd place awards; 6 Best of Class; 1 Best of Show. All the students who took part in the competition were 8th graders and are part of the Midle School’s Exploratory Technology program.

This year’s showcase added one more suprise: Mr Henry A. Gutierrez was recognized by the Greater San Diego Industry Education Council as Teacher of the Year for 2005. He was recognized for his dedication to teaching and support of his students at the San Diego County Fair.

Mr. Figueroa, Juliet Figueroa, Dana Araiza, and Jhenna Arce.

Student partcipants included: Victor Carames (2 projects) two 1st place awards; Meline Toscano 2nd place; Juan Tonsing 1st place; Miguel Ayala 2nd place; Juan Camacho 2nd place; Queren Lopez 1st place and Best of Class; Paula Aleman 1st place; Gloria Lopez and Melina Toscano 1st place; Luis Vargas 1st place and Best of Show; Paula Aleman 1st Place; Ranfei A. Brito 1st place; Chasha Brown 2nd place; Joshua Hernandez 1st place; Marissa Martinez 2nd place; Kendra Meza 1st place; Nancy Pintor 1st place and Best of Class; Luis Magallanes 2nd place; Luis Vargas 1st place and Best of Class; Alexis Nostrstes 1st place and Best of Class; Merly Martinez 2nd place; Angela Garduno 2nd place; Samantha Pantaleon 1st place; Joshua Hernandez 2rd place; Jhenna Arce, Janette Meraz, Julieta Figueroa, 1st place, Best of Class, Best of Show; Mark Villas 1st place.

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