July 22, 2005

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Epilepsy, an important and treatable issue for the Hispanic community

Thank you for your recent “Columna Vertebral” on epilepsy (published July 1, 2005), an important and treatable medical condition which affects Latinos of all ages. People with epilepsy, their families or their employers can get help for the many facets of epilepsy by calling the bilingual staff at the Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego County at 619-296-0161. Their website is www.epilepsysandiego.org.

Muchas gracias por vuestro artículo reciente tocante a la epilepsia, una condición importante y mejorable que afecta a gente latina de todas edades. Si quieren más información o ayuda, las personas con epilepsia, sus familias o sus empleadores pueden llamar a la Epilepsy Foundation de San Diego, donde se habla español, en 619-296-0161. También se encuentra en Internet en www.epilepsysandiego.org.

James Santiago Grisolia, MD
Vicepresidente, Epilepsy Foundation de San Diego

In Memory of a Little Angel

I don’t normally agree with Rodolfo F. Acuña opinions (“Susie Lopez is Dead” published July 15, 2005) especially when it comes to the war or the military but in the case of the murder of Susie Lopez, he’s right on and I applaud his courage to say something because nobody else seems to be saying anything.

You know blacks and browns get killed all the time in the barrios and ghettos, end of story. A few days ago this knucklehead uses his daughter as a human shield. He got what he deserved. That little baby didn’t. It makes me sick.

You have a dozen or more cops, L.A.’s finest. These are educated, highly trained men in flak jackets. They’re hiding behind cars, shields, trees and buildings. They have big brother up in the air. The calvary is coming up right behind them.

What happens?

They fear for their life.

Their answer to a lunatic with a weapon in one hand and a baby in the other is duh!!! Lets riddle them with 90 rounds. What kind of cowards are behind those badges? If they ever have to go one on one with somone they’d probably piss all over themselves and shoot everyone around them.

But blacks and browns die every day don’t they. They’re so clever these days. When they kill you it’s called suicide by cop. Why do they even bother sending these guys to a firing range? That’s just a waste of taxpayer money. They can’t hit what they’re aiming at. Or can they? They haven’t said too much about the cop that got shot. I wouldn’t be surprised if the dumbass got fragged by one of his own.

Now the media is playing all this up and we’re supposed to feel sorry for these devastated officers. I hope they have a vivid picture of that dead baby in their mind and I hope they see her face every day for the rest of their miserable lives. But I guess that’s politically incorrect to say.

In these troubled times police and fireman are heroes. Forget the fact that they get paid big bucks and benefits to do their job. They’re heroes and you can’t badmouth them. I think Hero is even in their job description these days.

I know one thing. If that had been a nicer neighborhood and if that baby would have been white, the outcome would have been totally different. How do I know that? I wasn’t raised in the “O C.” I was raised in the barrio. Only the strong survive, where if the drugs or the cholos don’t get you the cops will.

Jesse Perez
Los Angeles

Time for the community to come together in District 8

I urge you all to come together as one community to discuss what the next representative for that district should focus on.

  It would be great if you could come up with one viable candidate that everyone can support and will carry the issues of the community in District 8.  But even if that is not possible, an early discussion of the critical issues will go a long way to steer any potential candidates in the right direction. 

  As we all know, there will be many candidates who will come forward. Some well-meaning but wihout too much campaign experience. Others will be backed by some of the area’s money interests and could potentially ignore community issues. Most likely, the Latino candidates will split their votes and the grass-roots candidates will not have the necessary resources. Please try to avoid some of this and begin the discussion for the future of District 8. 

If you think this is a good idea, I suggest that one or more of the already established Latino organizations can facilitate the discussions. 

Bill Richter

Benjamin Flores Gonzalez - Anniversary

I just realized that [July 15] is the 1 year anniversary of the murder of the young Mexican journalist (Benjamin Flores Gonzalez) from San Luis Rio Colorado.

Every war has its heroes and martyrs. And they serve a useful purpose to inspire the rest of us to do whatever is in our power to do. Not to tell you what your job ought to be ... but hope you agree, that one role of the press is to help inspire each of us.

The idea that there is no narco-corruption on this side of the border is pretty arrogant/stupid/naive! I feel like this young man and others like him are standing between the drugs and my 5 grandsons. I don’t want to let his death go down a rat-hole of silence.

Barb Vickroy

(Comment: Benjamin Flores Gonzalez was the publisher of La Prensa in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico. Gonzalez was a tireless editor who’s aggressive style of journalism was widely admired and he was often compared to Don Quijote for fighting the unbeatable foe, and despised by corrupt cops, politicians and drug traffickers.)

Regarding San Diego’s Mayoral Election

I admire those folks who courageously stand before public scrutiny. Robert Kennedy had once said, “Moral courage is more rare than courage on the battlefield.”  This is easy to understand since one of the greatest fears we face is that of societal disapprobation. Although I believe all the candidates for San Diego Mayor are well intentioned, Donna Frye stands out as having the requisite emotional intelligence and female intuition to lead our great city into financial solvency and compassionate and open government. That is why my family, friends and neighbors are voting for Madame Frye as the next Mayor of America’s Finest City.

Daniel J. Smiechowski
San Diego

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