July 21, 2000



Me thinks Senator Steve Peace should break out his "Peace" pipe and have a pow-wow with the San Diego settlers who are mighty ticked off at his stupid raid on the rate payers pocket books. We don't think we should pay wampum to his friends (the utilities) to make up to them for giving him many shiny beads for his last war campaign. His war chest got full and all we got was heap big bucket of phony baloney which gave us all lotsa of gas and nothing else.


Orale gente; Instead of not paying your utility bills send them to Senator Steve Peace at the State capitol. At the same time send SDG&E a note and tell them Steve Baby is going to pay your bill being that he caused it all.


While you're at it... How about all you dot. com Nerds launch a `spam' campaign against all the legislators (80 Assembly and 40 Senators, plus the Governor), who like a bunch of Taco Bell Chihuahuas signed off on deregulation without even reading the details of the Peace Manifesto!


Este Indio thinks the State ought to pick up all utility bills and pay for them until they regulate all those greedy Utilities capitalists that are killing us!


Orale, all you Aficionados of the Fiesta Brava... Our muy Bravo bullfight writer Lyn Sherwood is trying to compete in the "Asociacion International de Aficionados Practicos" in South Tejas!... Any amigos out there want to donate a few centavos to help pay `los gastos'?? Send your `donativos to La Prensa San Diego... We shall get it to him. The Bull alone will cost $1,000! Major donors will get a signed copy of his novel coming out in 2001!


EVENTOS: July 23, 3-6 p.m. peaceful march in Carls-bad in defense of Mexican youth who was assaulted by Carlsbad Chota. Meet sat the Kiosko at Holiday Park, located East side of I-5 in Carlsbad. For info call 1-760-714-3377.


Otro Evento: Candle Light Vigil for migrants beaten by 7 youths, July 22, in Carmel Valley, 7150 Black Mountain Road (Evergreen Nursery). Evento from 5-7p.m. Call 760-714-3377 for directions.


Border Rally and Marcha-Vigil, Sat. July 29 at the Border Field Park, 2002 Sunset Ave., San Ysidro. Call 619-233-4114 for info.

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