July 21, 2000

El Foro Público...

....The Public Forum

Saludos Desde Oaxaca!

Hola, tengo un programa de radio que se escucha en todo el estado de Oaxaca de las 19:00 a 20:00, se llama "Danzoneando". Me pongo a las órdenes de los Oaxaqueños que quieran comunicarse con sus familias en Oaxaca. Transmito mensajes completamente gratis!

Si alquien quiere mandar un mensaje a su familia, en el estado, mandeme un E-Mail a <chachafierro@hotmail.com> Con gusto lo transmitimos gratis.

L.A.E. Eleazar Fierro
Productor del Programa de Servicio

(Comentario: Para los Oaxaqueños del Condado de San Diego, aquí está su oportunidad de mandar un mensaje a sus seres queridos en Oaxaca).

Festival Latino de South Bay

The Festival Latino de South Bay is being planned for October 28, 2000 at Kimball Park in National City. The purpose of the Festival is to educate the Latino people on products and services available to them with an emphasis on health, social services and disability agencies.

Our first Festival Latino was just held at Grape Day Park in Escondido. It was a hugh success. Featured were information booths, food vendors, live entertainment, and allowed the participating agencies to highlight their products and/or services.

We are inviting local agencies to participate with us in our planning committee. Please contact me at 1-858-576-2966.

José Javier Loza
Chair Festival Latino de South Bay

Gracias for Coverage

Thanks for the great coverage and placement on the front page of the deaf student story (July 7th edition). Our Disabled Student Program really appreciates it. I think they provide a very important service. So, it was nice to see the program and Veronica Castro get some recognition.

Berry Gordon
San Diego Community College

Military Retired Veterans Second Class Citizens

The public should know that the only retirees in the United States who cannot receive their retirement pay & disability compensations are the military retirees.

After serving in two wars and retiring with service connected disabilities rated at 100 percent disabled, I just forfeited my earned retirement pay to receive VA compensation for combat wounds and other service connected disabilities. NO OTHER RETIREES ARE REQUIRED TO DO THIS. It makes veterans like myself feel like second class citizens. It seems this is punishment for having fought to save freedom of this country.

Albert Schoneberger

Vista, Ca.

(Comment: Let us hope that Veterans respond to this... La Prensa San Diego will be following up on this matter. VFW members, G.I. Forumeers, LULAC members and all others are encouraged to write letters to Congress on this matter. The REID Amendment to the Senate Bill 2549 is attempting to stop this national disgrace where Veterans are having to pay for the war wounds they suffered in Vietnam, Korea, and World War II. Talk to your local Congressman).

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