July 21, 2000


SAT 9 Scores Torpedos School Districts!

The Science of Math is a myth. The myth is that figures don't lie that 2 + 2= 4 unless they are written as 2 2 then they might be twenty two. Or you might be adding a negative 2 plus a positive 2 in which case they equal zero. In the case of Superintendent of Schools Alan Bersin and some of the members of his Board of Trustees, it is clear that they attempted to sandbag everyone that object failure was actually a victory!

A cursory reading of the dismal scores shows dramatically that the San Diego Unified school system is in utter distress! All of the elementary, middle and high schools that had been miserable failures in educating our children in the past are miserable failures in the most recent SAT 9 tests.

As usual, the majority of the schools in poor, working class, racially segregated neighborhoods are still in the ghetto of education. No amount of Chamber of Commerce hyperbole can explain why these schools are dismal failures. To be fair it is not only Bersin & company that are dismal failures. The same conditions are evident throughout the entire San Diego County educational systems!

No amount of `creative' juggling of the SAT 9 scores can obliterate the fact that if your schools are ranked as being in the 10th to 20th percentile in the tested elements (reading, math, science, spelling, social science) that the education our children are receiving is such an inferior education that it is criminal. The destruction that is being wrought on our children is incomprehensible! Eighty to ninety percent of all the other school systems in the nation are providing a better education than the San Diego County Education system!

Other than those schools that are located in the affluent, white, middle /upper class neighbors where respectable. You know what schools I am talking about. They have consistently been the best educating systems. (I wonder why?).

A quick check of the outcome of the Sat 9 scores in the Union Tribune, will quickly show that the majority of the schools, that are white middle-class, few made it to the 50 percentile mark. San Diego County schools are leaders of the pack to produce functional illiterates! One wonders why the Union Tribune failed to publish the science, spelling, and social science scores, nor did our school leaders mention them. One suspects that when those scores are factored in, many are going to wonder why Bersin got a $10,000 bonus or for that fact why any superintendent in the entire county even has the nerve to draw a salary.

Perhaps a `Blue-Ribbon' Grand Jury should be impaneled to investigate just what is going on in our publicly supported system of education. What is clear they are not working!

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