July 20, 2001


Light up La Mota! `Reppis' no better than `Demos.' Bush and his flock of `Gallinas' just assured that the INS will remain as useless and ineffective as it was under Señor Bill Clinton. Their selected genius to be the next INS Director, James W. Ziglar, hasn't got a clue what La Migra does! The biggest change he plans to make is to make sure that those baddies in La Migra will treat the swarms of migrants crossing the border with "respect and dignity"!


PREGUNTA: Is this dignity given out before they beat and club you, or is it after they shoot you?


¿Qué está pasando? Is the San Diego Unified School District on a anti-Chicano rampage? Superintendent Alan Bersin sent a minor flunky Debbie Beldock, (an instructional leader, NOT THE PRINCIPAL) to transfer Edward M. Olivos, Ph.D candidate, from his position as a first grade bilingual teacher, with 8 years teaching experience! Parents in an uproar over his removal. Parents, teachers, students and other community members from Brooklyn, Sherman, & Kimbrough Elementary schools, as well as Memorial Academy and San Diego High school, joined in a protest July 19 against the obviously racially motivated removal of Olivos!


PREGUNTA: Gente, how much more are you going to take from the three blind monkeys, Ed Lopez, Sue Braun, & Ron Ottinger, the School Board Trustees, who SEE NOTHING, HEAR NOTHING, and DO NOTHING but rubber stamp everything handed down from wanna-be Superintendent Bersin and NewRican expatriate Anthony Alvarado?


Pos gente on to better things. El Jefito visited by Presidente Ejecutiva Lic. Ma Alejandra Márquez of El Diaro EL TIEMPO, Caracas, Valenzuela. La Prensa San Diego came to their attention because of our Web site. They will now have the right to reprint our stories.


Mundo Latino, a new publication located in Nebraska, contacted El Jefe over permission to reprint our Editorials and principal stories for use in their newspaper. Seems La Prensa San Diego is one of very few Bilingual newspaper on the World Wide Web. Gotta say, didn't know there were that many Raza in Nebraska.


Local San Diego tabloid, serving the homeless and disenfranchised communities being ousted by City and PADRES, requested permission from el Jefito to reprint our story of July 13 titled "Ballpark Dreams Leave Residents Homeless" by La Prensa San Diego reporter Yvette tenBerge. Most happy to have been of service... It's our job.


PREGUNTA: How could the Chamber of Commerce waste so much good will by endorsing and financially supporting a non-educator, a non-businessman to be the Superintendent of Education for the San Diego Unified School District????? How is the Chamber going to repair the serious damage done to our children who are losing out on 4 years of education?


National City Elected officials are about to try and oust a "private owner" from his property through condemnation by using its police powers in order to then sell the property to a major "private" chain. Suggest the Mayor and City Council read La Prensa' Editorial of July 6... Avoid a major federal lawsuit.

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