July 20, 2001

The Public Forum ... El Foro Publico

Awaken Oh Sleeper (Citizens)

Your front page article (7/13/01) was brave, forthright and downright admirable. Your willingness to hold us (people and government) accountable is greatly appreciated, by putting it on the front page. For what we (the people) don't do today will be reflected tomorrow in stories such as the "Ballpark Dreams Leave Resident Homeless."

In an effort to make amends it seems, "CCDC is in the process of developing an innovative loan program to assist qualified persons interested in buying a home in downtown neighborhoods....The home buyer assistance program is scheduled to start in Fall 2001" Excerpt taken from A publication of CCDC—Downtown Today.

It would be a great follow up story to have this family as a recepient of this opportunity being presented by CCDC... one thing we all seem to forget is that it's our tax dollars at work (be it through taxes paid or pension plans contributed to) financing these development projects...are they on behalf of the people or on behalf of big business. If we don't cause our elected office to walk circumspect in their actions there will be more front page stories after the fact. Who are they really serving: needs to be a question held out front before each decision. For the fruit/action will speak?

I don't know about our representatives but I know I don't like what the actions have done to these residents who are also taxpayers and entitled to eat the fruits from the table not just the crumbs.

MW Luke
via email

Some old timers still making waves

I just happened to be surfing the web past your site and reflected that apparently this year you are 25 years old as a living, vibrant Latino media outlet.

It is reassuring that voices such as yours are still going strong in this day and age of "trendy" cable/satellite media, a mostly inadequate internet as far as our community is concerned and two political parties that appear to be looking our way but doing very little about community needs.

In fact, astoundingly, the other "minority" that gave only 7% of its vote to our President ... is getting tons of attention in D.C. including 3 of 13 major cabinet posts, all key civil rights posts and lots of legislative pandering. Donde Esta la Justica?

Anyhow, some of us old timers are still in there, making waves as best we can, and reading your story selection gives people like me some sustenance!

Fernando Oaxaca
Los Angeles

From Sweden with love

Cool to be able to write to you folks again. This incoming letter is a culmination of thoughts brewed and influenced by your smoke pipe homes!

Fijate Tezz ...

President Fox and his administration seem to be the heroes of the day in the good old US. Fighting for immigrant rights I from the comfort of my sofa here in Sweden see in CNN the Fox admistration's lobbying efforts bearing fruit. Alongside Isreal, Italy and India the immigrant plight is at the fore of international headlines. Shall we thank Mr. Fox and his Conservative allies in Mexico? CNN analysts make the inference that this effort of his admistration is due to the constant flow of money flowing into Mexico that the mexican immigrants send back home every year. Well, that gives the depective nick `Wetback' a new twist.

However, Mr. Fox and his administration seem only to worry about the good nature of receiving the money yet politically many a Mexican still represents nothing but a peon to the high and mighty powerful in hierarchical mexico. The truth is Fox and his right wing cronies detest the left wing leanings of the Mexican population in the US. Do I hear symphaty to the EZLN cause? Yes, support for the armed resistence in Chiapas is high in the US yet Mr. Fox seems little to care about that ...

What to do in such a dire mire?

Well, In 1996 a booklet by the name of the New American Global Dialogue published a little essay titled `Latinos, Global Change, and American Foreign Policy'. It was a project partly founded by the Tomás Rivera Center in Oct 1994. To skip the long title and abstract, allow me to just mention that the gist of this arguments was a call to the latino population leadership to flex its muscle in cajoling its Latin American cousins to align itself with US latino interests. I believe its time we do, I believe its time we start putting strings to the money being sent to mexico.

And lastly let's start making good in all those sweat and tears our many ancestors have dripped just to come here so that a riquillo takes advantage of them ...

Julio César Martínez

Why simplify credentialing?

Credentials do not good teachers make...but, it helps in districts where professionals are respected and recognized. Unfortunately, San Deigo Unified Schools isn't such a district at present.

What good is a credential if the district does not give tenure? What good is tenure if the district does not respect the individual and assist in providing a sense of confidence and support?

Teachers are teachers by their educational preparation, their versatility and knowledge in methodology, their skills, and their commitment to their profession.

They should not be placed into classrooms without adequate teaching skills, or, without having been observed and evaluated by master teachers.

Alan Bersin may understand the importance of bringing "good people into the classroom" but does he know and recognize good geaching when he seets it?

There in lies the problem. He may lack the background and knowledge. After all, there is a difference in theory and practicum.

He fired his best and most profitable adjunct to teaching and classroom assistance when he dismissed IA's, TA's, and experienced school administrators. Along with those wonderful people went many fine teachers via early retirements, physical and mental ills.

Mr. Bersin and Mr. Alvarado deserve no credit for progress. However, they do desrve the blame for the lack of confidence and the low morale that exists in our school district today.

August Castille
San Diego

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