July 20, 2001

Community Notes

Shelby-Lynne (Bunny) Salinas Herrington (8 yrs-old), the daughter of Creason and Susie Herrington, of Lakeside, and Granddaughter of Sal and Diane Salinas of National City, has been declared a U.S.A. World Champion for her age division at the International Martial Arts World Championship Tournament.
On June 29th, 30th and July 1st, in Las Vegas Nevada at the Martial Arts Tournament, Shelby placed 2nd in the Traditional Poomse Forms and in her second event of the day placed 1st in the TaeKwondo sparring competition for her division, making her the World Champion for the year.
Shelby may now qualify to attend the U.S. TaeKwondo Elite training camp in Colorado Springs, in preparation to fulfill her dream obtaining her black belt by the age of 11, competing in the Junior Seminars, the Junior Olympic Trials, and eventually on the 2008 World Olympics as a fifteen-year-old blackbelt.

Chula Vista Elementary School District Names Additional Assistant Superintendent

The Chula Vista Elementary School district announces that Maria Santory Guasp, Superintendent of New York City Community School District 9, has been named as an Assistant Superintendent in Chula Vista.

Ms. Guasp brings with her over twenty years of public education experience, specifically in the area of supervision and administration. She is experienced in educational program development and implementation, staff development, and articulation with parents and community groups. She also has extensive expertise in school district management and policy recommendation. During her career with the New York City Community School District, Ms. Guasp successfully introduced dramatic changes in schools and districts that had struggled with low student achievement. She also developed and instituted a maintenance bilingual program in Grades K-6. Ms. Guasp received her Master's of Science and professional diploma in educational administration and also her Master's of Science in bilingual and urban education from Long Island University, Brooklyn, New York.

Ms. Guasp will serve as an additional Assistant Superintendent joining the Chula Vista District's existing Cabinet. In Chula Vista, Ms. Guasp will have responsibility for Curriculum, instruction and Assessment, Language Acquisition, Instructional Media, and Special Education.

Senate Redistricting Panel to Hold Public Hearing in San Diego

As part of the Legislature's responsibility to redraw political boundary lines for the State Senate and Assembly, the State board of Equalization and California Congressional districts, the Senate Committee on Elections and Reapportionment will hold a public hearing in San Diego on Monday July 23 in order to give the public an opportunity to offer comments and suggestions regarding the 2001 redistricting effort.

Monday July 23
1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
State Building Auditorium (B-109)
1350 Front Street in San Diego

Individuals wishing to speak at the hearing are encouraged to contact the committee at (916) 445-2601. Participants are encouraged to provide the Committee with written copies of their testimony in addition to their oral presentations.

California is required to redraw the political boundary lines every ten years, after the national census. Information on redistricting is available at the website http: www.sen.ca.gov

Otay Water District Appoints Bob Griego General Manager

Spring Valley — In closed session of the Otay Water District Board meeting on Wednesday July 11, 2001, Robert Griego was appointed General Manager of the Otay Water District by a vote of 4 to 1.

Griego brings nearly 30 years of public service to the Otay Water District. His background includes senior-level public administration in city and county governments in areas such as human resources, water utilities, public services, budgeting, labor relations, information services and disaster preparedness.

"Robert Griego's skills, relationships and knowledge about water in San Diego is an enormous asset to the Otay Water District," said Otay Water District Board President Jaime Bonilla. "The experience and leadership he brings to this District will guarantee the District's continued dedication to providing the highest quality of service to our customers."

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