July 18, 2003

Holly Molly: Elections are here, how can you tell? Los Republicanos y Democratos are trying to out Hispanic each other. Every day este Indio receiving smoke signals from each party saying how good they are for Hispanics and how bad the other party is. Man enough smoke already – how about a little action and let the people decide.

Another sign that it is the political season: The SVREP (Southwest Voter Registration Education Project) is back on the horizon holding fundraisers. You don’t hear from these types until election time, just in time to collect monies to go out and register voters. The rest of the time they lay dormant.

Vista is a good example of the folly of mass registering of Hispanic voters. They go into an area, register voters, sell the voting list to politicians and then forget about all these new Hispanic voters, no follow-up, no education, no nothing. And that is one of the major reasons Vista doesn’t have a Hispanic representative. That and the fact that Vista is the center of right-wing country and you know they don’t want no Mexicans representing all them good Republicans.

The walls are starting to crumble down around George Bush, Jr. Like a good solider George Trent fell on the sword for his boss, but the public isn’t buying it. It is time for Bush to step up to the plate and accept responsibility.

Hey Louie how does it feel to sell out your gente, your Chicano roots? Que lastima!

Frank Parra no innocent bystander in the selection of Short as acting Police Chief. If there was any doubt about where Parra stood there is none now! The wrong side!

Nick Inzunza, cleaning out all the old cronies of long-time NC mayor George Waters and putting in his cronies. Inzunza sold out long ago so no real surprise here in allowing the Short appointment. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Chismes flying out of Sidro: Long-time, part-time janitors at Sidro school district peeved that Joshua Castro, one time candidate for Vargas’ assembly seat and now a Sandy Lopez (school board member) cronie was hired as a fulltime janitor. Castro made the rounds as a teacher assistant, to substitute, to janitor.

Sidro janitor jobs must pay very, very well. School board member Luis Figueroa’s sister also got hired as a fulltime janitor.

State Universities raised their tuition cost, community colleges raised their tuitions and just about everything else which means that those who need access to the college system the most will be left out simply because they can’t afford to go to college. Well so much for equal opportunity, college is now for the rich only.

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