July 15, 2005


Murphy out, “strong mayor” form of government in?

Today is the last official day of the Dick Murphy’s reign as Mayor of San Di-ego. In a way, it is very sad that his term in office had to end this way. From his first day, as the elected Mayor of San Diego, it was clear that he was not cut out to be the political leader of the City of San Diego. It didn’t take long for the political vultures to close in and destroy any chance for him to succeed as Mayor. The City of San Diego has been left in shambles by those who took advantage of the vacuum created by the lack of leadership. The wealthy Oligarchies wasted little time in sucking the City dry of all available resources. They cared little that their actions would strip the City of all ability to survive as a respected member of the State of California and the Nation.

Now, we the Citizens are facing the specter of having to vote and elect what will be another lame-duck Mayor. The ruling elites of the City have assured that our next Mayor will be essentially powerless and be under their control. The next Mayor won’t even sit as a member of the City Council. He, or she, will not have the expertise to run the City, create a City budget, in essence their will be no professional City Manager at the helm. The next Mayor somehow will have to take over the functions of a City Manager without the professional education and training to run and administer the City. This is a situation brought about through the foisting of an Initiative Petition, paid for by a cadre of wealthy individuals.

To run for Mayor calls for no particular education, experience, or particular knowledge. The principle requisites to be a Mayor are not codified in the Code. Personality helps along with being a good listener, be a quick learner, and perhaps take a few courses in the Art of Politics. Most of all, never forget you represent all the people of the city and not just the corporate and multi-millionaire business owners, who believe they are the only ones that matter. The City in essence will be at the mercy of the same individuals and cliques, who have enriched themselves at the expense of the citizens of the City. The next Mayor will be forced to turn to the same individuals who have made a mockery of our Democracy, Independence, Freedoms, and Rights.

The so called “Strong Mayor” form of government was placed on the ballot at the last election by powerful moneyed interests. Their interests lie in having only one elected official that they can control in order to take over the City and use it to serve their purposes. The change in our form of Government must be challenged. Government by “Initiative Petitions” must be stopped. It has turned into a tool to pass laws that could not stand the scrutiny of our elected Officials.

Petitions have become a deadly tool of control, which is being manipulated and paid for by corporations, wealthy companies, and very wealthy individuals. This Oligarchy now controls the process by which laws are passed. Wealth controls all the major media television, radio, and most of the print media in the State of California. They define what an Initiative Petition will say and mean. The Oligarchy insures that their propaganda will insure that what they say is what the Petition means. We are a Chartered City of the State it behooves us to not implement the so call “Strong Mayor” form of government until ample opportunities are instigated, such as a Charter Review Commission, that will be charged with determining whether the Citizens of San Diego want to abandon the City Manager form of Government.

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