July 15, 2005

Notas Politicas...

The Special Municipal Election is nearly upon us. Don’t forget Tuesday July 26, 2005 is the date set for the Election of the next Mayor of San Diego.

Para nuestros Votantes que votan en Español no olviden de hacerlo el Martes 26 de Julio, 2005 para el candidato que usted desea ver ser elegido como Alcalde de San Diego, California.

La Prensa San Diego will publish its Election Recommendations in the July 22 edition.

The Race Narrows

The race for Mayor narrows. In this edition of La Prensa San Diego we will state our perceptions of the final three candidates in the race for Mayor of San Diego. It is the Editorial Boards opinion that these three candidates appear to have the best opportunity to win all the marbles in the race for the Mayor. As usual, we reserve our editorial privilege to call them as we see them through our Brown Eyes, tempered by our Brown experiences, and condition by how things are going on at the Border between our Gente and La Migra.

Richard Rider has been a member of the Libertarian Party since I have known him. Very strangely, he fails to name the Libertarian Party in any of is publicity or Web site. He publicizes himself as a Taxpayer Activist. Does that mean he is eager to stick it to the taxpayers when ever he can? He is promising no new or increased taxes! How about Taxes on the RICH AND SUPER RICH? Or how about lowering or eliminating taxes for the working poor? Or perhaps, how about forcing the employer to pay all workers at least the State salary minimum. Being as you would represent a City that turns a blind eye to exploitation of most minority workers and where racism is practiced in the employment rolls of the City, and there are very limited contracting opportunities for Minorities i.e. Mexican Americans, Black, Filipino, or other Asian groups, it seems you would have something to say about this outrageous situation within the City and what your position would be to change this situation if you are elected. Lastly, it was very White of you to say you won’t accept a City Pension. Unfortunately, not every employee of the City has a Military Pension as you do. Dare say, a Naval Commanders retirement check is a nice piece of change. Sorry Dick, You have a long way to go on attaining racial sensitivity.

Myke Shelby announces he has been a successful businessman, political and community activist, and President of the Chamber of Commerce. Your comments insisting that San Diego is America’s finest city reveals a serious blind spot in your perception of reality. You’re showing a Chamber of Commerce mentality that too often denies reality. Please, do tell me, just what do you mean that “Our Borders must be secure? Which Border Mr. Shelby? The U.S. - Mexico Border or the U.S. –Canadian Border? There are more foreigners entering the U.S. through the open Borders of Canada than from the Mexican Borders! There is no SECURITY WHAT SO EVER ON THE CANADIAN/U.S. BORDERS. Check it out. Ask the people that know. The Mexicans want work...They don’t want to blow you up! Sorry Mr. Shelby, You’re not prepared to be serious about running for Mayor.

Donna Frye….That leaves us with the last person running for the position of Mayor, Councilwoman Donna Frye. Golly Gee Donna didn’t know I would have to make a choice between a “Surfing Mom” over all the other “wanna-be’s”...All we have to say is you were the best last go around, even though the Registrar of Voters couldn’t tell who had marked the Ballots correctly or not …You were our choice then!

Cunningham to step down at end of term

U.S. Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham, under federal investigation for his dealings with a defense contractor, announced Thursday that he will not seek re-election.

Cunningham made the announcement after calling a hastily arranged afternoon news conference.

“The time has come for me to conclude the public chapter in my life,” Cunningham said. “Quite simply, right now I may not be the strongest candidate.”

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